Wednesday, March 8, 2017

What's one more bird house. :)

My day starts with one of these.
Our next project

The proper home for these little guys.
The Eastern Bluebird.

I hope to entice a family here over the spring and early summer.
I have never seen one up close so it would be such a treat.

No sign of our hawk since Monday morning. I have filled the feeders again and will watch the surrounding trees for any sign of him. It really helps to be on the second floor of our building where I can scan the trees below. I do have to replace a few feeders this spring and will consider hanging the ones that have protection from hawks added.

I received a gift over the weekend from a good friend who I dropped in to visit. This lovely plate with the bird painting. So pretty and unique.
The violet I bought at the grocery store only because it needed to be watered and no one was heading over with a watering can. So, I adopted it. Another lovely pop of purple in the mouse-house.
I brought it home, transplanted it into a larger pot (which led to many others being transplanted), watered it and now it looks happy.

"Good grief"

No one can accuse me of not being fashionable.
This is how I get around our property with the ice that has formed over everything.
Our driveway is a rink.
These cleats are what keeps me from landing on my keister.

"Are you alive in there, Audrey?"

I'm heading out to buy some eggs from the farm across the road.
I hope I see Charlotte.
"Hee Haw"

Enjoy your day.
hugs, Deb


  1. Aw, congratulations on your new adoptee! Ain't it the way; you start repotting one, then all of the potted plants in the house get a once-over too! Audrey, I wish I were hiding in a sleeping bag too; we have severe wind gusts here, and no power at home. Wonder if I can sleep overnight in my office?!? ;-)

  2. I tried to attract Eastern Bluebirds at my old house, put up the two approved homes facing the right direction, a certain number of feet apart, and put out mealworms.

    Nothing. Not a single one. Ever. Sigh.

    I have those cleats, too - I keep them in the door of my car so when I get to work if the lot is an ice rink I don't land on my head.

    Spring is on the way, my friend! Just taking its sweet time!

  3. That little bird is so beautiful! I would want to attract some too, especially if that hawk has moved on. I have some of those clever little footwear devices - we haven't had enough snow to merit their use for several years now, but they have saved me from many a tumble.
    Love your plate - nice friend!

  4. Is it odd to envy Audrey having that cave to hide in?

  5. I hope oh get some Bluebirds Deb...I have never seen one...
    You are most deserving...
    Enjoy your evening...2 days left for us 😳
    Linda :o)

  6. Bluebirds would be so fun to have at the feeders!
    Love your plate....I have a set of those, each plate with a different bird. Love the edges on them.

  7. Bluebirds are kinda fickle, Deb, I hate to tell ya. We had 7, count 'em, 7 at our birdbath (all sitting around the edge getting drinks) but not one stayed around and we have several bluebird boxes facing south, far apart, just like the book says....still none stayed. But they needed a drink and we got to see them several times--they are SO pretty. Oh, and they are kind of skittish too. I hope you have better luck.
    Such a pretty plate!
    Nebraska ><>

  8. Audrey!x Audrey!x Oh! Audrey!x Bless!
    I had a little chuckle over here on Tuesday!
    Little story from Onoway~Alberta...It seems
    people experienced pink water coming through
    the taps! Not serious, apparently Potassium
    Permanganate reacted with chemicals and turned
    the water pink...I thought l might try it....
    Pink water, what could be better! :).

  9. what a gorgeous looking little bird! good luck, hope you manage to get one to nest; i am trying to get natives planted here, making a mini forest down the back which i hope will attract birds.
    thanx for sharing

  10. Awww Audrey looks so cozy in her cave. I built my cats a cave last week. They take turns in sleeping or playing in it. I admire you for protecting your bird feeders from the hawks.

  11. I do hope you get a family of Blue Birds. A few years back we had several pairs...and several blue bird boxes, but they have since left and not come back. These birds are so pretty! You are so sweet, rescuing the dry little violet. Walmart is terrible for letting their little plants sit and completely dry up. When I shop for vegetable plants for the garden, I've picked out the pitiful looking ones many times because I feel sorry for them. I probably could use some mental help!

  12. Wouldn't bluebirds be just perfect! It would be like the magazine gardens we always envy.
    What is it with stores watering plants! Plenty of employee standing about but no one can pick up a hose or a watering can? Sheesh, don't let me get started.....
    Sounds like you've got Simon as protected as he can be. Thank goodness the hawk has moved on.

  13. That bluebird is a colourful little fellow. That one looks well-fed, though....

  14. My daughter has problems with hawks and owls... and her chickens. She watched a hawk come down and grab a baby chick right in front of her. And she has run out in the middle of the night to chase off an owl that was hanging around the chicken coop and panicking the hens. So yes, it's nature, but it's hard not to want to protect...