Saturday, March 11, 2017

Campanula to the rescue.

Someone was not happy with the bottom shelf I installed for her.

So, the flowers have taken to the bottom and she's back where she is happy and can view the birds best.

"As if..."

This may  become a 'musical chairs' act.
Only because she lives to drive me nuts.

I found another violet that needs some TLC.
I hope they love it here.
I'll be trimming those blooms soon.

It's so dark and cold again. The temperature has dropped to -19 C this morning.
The feeders are so quiet...poor birds.

The Campanula plant is 
very appreciated with it's beautiful burst of colour.

It's home will be with a friend who is celebrating her birthday today
but for now it will lift our spirits.

"I smell chocolate"

"Beep...beep. Comin' thru..."

The little Queen Chick has arrived at the mouse-house with a cart full of Easter delights.
It looks so heavy for her.
I may have to help lessen the load.


It's a busy birthday celebration weekend;
three in all.
Looking forward to seeing all the grandittles.

Stay warm & cozy.
hugs, Deb


  1. That little chick is so cute and yes chocolate makes everything better.

  2. I love the eggs hanging from the cupboard! I'm afraid anything hanging becomes a "game" for my three:-D Have a wonderful birthday weekend with your grands; mine come next weekend!

  3. All those birthdays makes for a busy weekend!

  4. I love that little chick! How adorable!

  5. Such a beautiful campanula! I'm sure your friend will love it!

  6. Your violets are doing well mine are just starting to bloom again . Audrey likes clear view of the birds doesn't she ?! It has turned cold here again but not as cold as it is up your way . Spring will be here in just over a week so hope the weather picks up for us all . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

    1. I sure hope so, Elaine. You and I both like our walks and it's just been too darn cold for me.

  7. The mouse house is so cozy! Audrey likes to perch high. Cats are so funny!

  8. Your posts always, make my day. You have simply got to stop driving Audrey crazy! :) You two just crack me up! You do have the perfect spot for violets. So glad you rescued another one. That is such a pretty pot of campanula! Guess what! We got a dusting of snow this morning. Gosh, it would probably still feel like spring here compared to your snow. I need to stop complaining! Love, Henny

  9. It's cold here, too, though the temperature is supposed to shoot up this week. They predicted that for last week, though. I may have to have our local queen-chick come by with some chocolate to raise spirits.

  10. That purple is fabulous! And yes, she lives to drive you nuts. Prepare to rearrange plants on a regular basis!