Thursday, March 30, 2017

Reprieve from Audrey & Fickle weather

Our snow is melting so fast now. Surely, this is the end of it.
There is more coming over-night.
10 - 15 cm.

Audrey has decided to make a fool out of me (what's new) and not touch the Easter tree (yet) so I have been enjoying it tucked into a corner of the mouse-house.

"I'm like a well-fed barn cat...I'll strike when there's no chance of missing."

Today I just happened to be in a shop that sold Easter decor.
If the tree is still standing tomorrow,
three more cuties will be added.
That's it now. 
It won't hold anymore.
And I'm really pushing my luck here.

Along with their usual seed
my birds got a treat today.
That's the last of the suet 'til next winter.
They're going to need it tomorrow. :(
Poor little confused things.

I sure am enjoying seeing all the posts from bloggers south of us.
Just seeing green grass and spring plants popping up keeps me hopeful for spring in our parts soon.
And I have to get my blue-bird house set up as they are heading our way soon.
But, I can't get through the ice. Wah!

"Come on, spring."

hugs, Deb


  1. Don't expect winter to really be over yet!

    I'm not planning on shoveling the walk though!

  2. I bet you are longing for green and blossoms. I look forward to seeing the new Easter tree bits and bobs.

  3. We always know snow could come any time through April, so we enjoy the warm days and blooms but don't pack away the sweaters and boots! haha.

  4. Nothing blooming yet and weather cold, Hard time for birds.
    Audrey, what a wonderful kitty you are!

  5. Deb, the glass ornaments are just beautiful ! Especially the round one with the bunnies and flowers in.
    Nebraska ><>

  6. Love the trinkets on the tree...Audrey is waiting for the perfect moment!! We have rain and snow for tonight and tomorrow.....its like this every year and Spring will come when its ready.......

  7. those kitties are tricksters... Must be kin to leprechaun or imp's.

    I'm glad I'm one of the southern places and not where you are at.

    Happy weekend.

  8. More snow? Oh Audrey is waiting until you least expect it for the sneak attack on the Easter tree...she is a ferocious cat after all! Hugs!

  9. Oh my, Audrey looks pretty serious. And successful, at whatever Audrey wants to do! Your Easter tree is beautiful! Makes me want to get busy with spring d├ęcor!

  10. Well, my daughter Lynn took the words right out of my mouth. The tree is so pretty, and the clear ball with the tiny white bunnies and flowers is simply beautiful. Hope that snow stops real soon.

  11. I'm here from the Marmalade Gypsy. Your cats are beautiful! They're better behaved than ours, I think, since your Easter tree has made it this long.

    I hope you get some warmer weather soon.

  12. I absolutely love your Easter tree! that is so pretty. I can't beleive you're getting more snow.........stand still for a moment---listen.....sniff......breathe.....touch-----------here it comes.....I'm sending some spring your way okay? Hope it arrives SOOOOOOOOOON