Friday, March 3, 2017

Around and about the mouse-house.

Farm-fresh eggs for breakfast. Rated 10 out of 10. 
Delicious and fresh from the farm across the road.
Farm-fresh eggs are harder to peel after boiled unless they spend at least a few days in the fridge first. Then they are perfect.

Winter seems to have returned as the sun shines and the temperature has dropped to -10C. That's March for you in Ontario.
Audrey has found her spot for the day (how does she breath?) and Annie sleeps on the cat tree that faces the busy feeders. She snores a bit.
 I have the retired guy adding another shelf to the dining-corner window. It will be meant for plants but I know who will claim it in no time. 
My poor birds are confused but they should count themselves lucky to have a well-stocked buffet each morning. It certainly helps them get through the cold night ahead. I gave them their seed supply, nuts for the blue-jays and some old biscuits and grain bread for the ever so comical crows. We had almost forty mourning doves here today. They love platforms to land on as they are a little plump for some of the feeders.
                                        Ladies who lunch.

It's a must to keep their water supply available.   And even in this cold they still like a bath.

Poor Red. He really wants this snow to go.

Along with my obsession with blue and white china, I collect post cards that feature fabulous felines. I especially love the vintage ones. It's a high score when I find one in an antique shop. I usually act like an idiot and hold it up cheering likes it's a winning lottery ticket. The poor person that's with me.
This one I ordered on-line from ebay; shipped from California. It's not vintage but I couldn't resist the art work, beautiful cat and the colours. 

Someone's up and pestering for crunchies.

"You're not busy."

Best go before she clears off the top of my dresser.

Have a great evening.
hugs, Deb


  1. Hi Deb! What a cute postcard. I can see why you jump for joy when you find one!
    I keep looking at catios (secure outside play areas for kitties) and I want one. Tim needs more to do. He's so lazy!
    Audrey has the right idea. With changeable weather, we ALL feel confused!

    1. I'll be getting one too, Pom, once our house is built. I think they are the answer to keep them safe and happy.

  2. That picture of the red squirrel cracks me up! hahaha...

  3. Just lovely Deb ... everything in this post. Loved the postcard sooo much. Loved dear Audrey sleeping like that ... & those eggs with their pure yellow yolks are hard to beat!! Happy Weekend to you Deb.

  4. What a lovely photo to wake up to....
    No! Not you Audrey!x...(not this time)...! :).
    HeHe! My George used to love boiled eggs,
    l always did one for an eggcup,
    take the top off, and he'd be there, like
    a shot, with his little tongue going ten to
    the dozen, licking out the yoke! Bless!

  5. My ladies have been lunching already this morning - guess it was actually breakfast - they are the loveliest quiet and gentle birds. 40 must be quite a sight to see - the most I get at one time is about 6!
    Fresh farm eggs are so good - but I'll have to wait another couple of months until the farmers' market opens nearby - the large state run permanent one is a bit of a haul from here.
    I'll have to keep an eye open for postcards with kitties when I'm at SuzAnna's and other vintage shops around here - hope I can find some for your collection!
    Stay warm today - Mary x

  6. I love making breakfast and yours looks so yummy! I miss farm eggs since I haven't found another place to get them when the farm closed near us, but I'll keep looking. Your Audrey has so much personality!

  7. Audrey looks quite comfortable!

    It's bitterly cold. I caught the first night of the Crashed Ice thing downtown last night, and it was bone chilling. But fun.

  8. This crazy weather isn't as bad here as your having. Still my birds have found the feeder and are happy to have the seed. Annie Belle is happy to have bird tv out the front window. (Oh and her biting is getting better). I love your new postcard, how sweet.

  9. That is a good looking breakfast! I love the post card. My daughter Lynn (a mother's journal blog) collects old post cards too. I can't look at that picture of Audrey with laughing. I could just squeeze her.

  10. ok....from the chicken lady do not need to refrigerate eggs. .......and here's how I do them even if they are fresh today......I get the water boiling......then drop in the eggs with a slotted spoon.....boil for 20 min.......then put the pan in the sink and run ice cold water on them from about 5 minutes....when you are ready to peel.....tap the end on each end.....that breaks the seal......voila. Easy peeling eggs.

    1. Thanks Hilary. I wondered why the shell was so hard to peel after boiling. I did put it in cold water after but it still hung on tight. So I googled it (lol) and that's what it said. Thanks for the info, chicken lady. :)

  11. hahaha "before she clears off the dresser" that cracks me up, such a charmer that Audrey
    lovely postcard
    thanx for sharing

  12. Those eggs look delish....
    Linda :o)

  13. All your food looks delicious. I'm sure the taste is even better than the presentation, which is great.