Thursday, March 9, 2017


I could not count the number of evenings, either while preparing dinner or sitting at the dining-corner table, that I would listen to the bray of a donkey in the near distance calling out for dinner. 
It was such a comical sound.
I wished I could meet this mysterious donkey.

Charlotte - Wonder Donkey
She's just as cute as I imagined
                                                  Our snow is quickly disappearing.

and she has friends and apparently a very, very important job. I didn't wander too close as the look in the steer's eyes was a warning.
Charlotte, a guard donkey, lives with our neighbour where we now buy our eggs. She resides just across the road and waaaay up the hill. You can set your clock to Charlotte's 5 o'clock dinner "hee haw".
For the longest time I wondered where the donkey lived. I would always look up the long drive-ways of the farms as I did my daily walk and wonder if that's where she was. 
So, it's nice to finally see her.
Charlotte's job is to keep the loose dogs, fox and coyotes from coming close to the livestock. She has a large field to wander around and keep guard over the cattle, chickens and well-fed barn cats.
When I first learned of this, I was really shocked as I never thought a donkey could protect other animals from predators; especially coyotes. But, you learn something new everyday, don'tcha.
Yep, even at my age.

From Mother Earth News...
Donkeys who do attack a predator will be very aggressive, using their teeth and hooves. They may bray loudly. They will charge the threat and attempt to chase it away. If they confront the predator, they will attempt to bite at the neck, back, chest or buttocks. They may slash out with their hooves or turn and kick the predator. Experienced owners strongly suggest you do not attempt to stop a donkey that is charging or attacking and that afterwards, you allow the donkey to calm down before approaching it.

" go, girl."

See you next week, Charlotte.

Early Bird Special...
To all you fussy bluebirds out by and take a look at our beautifully rustic spring model. This 'cheap' and airy structure will be vacant as of April. I know location is everything when raising a young family. Our wooded landscape provides you with peace and tranquility. Athough, our neighbour's cat, David, who has a short attention-span and can be bought with Temptations, may think he is hiding in the woods. All-day dining available only seconds away in our up-scale fly-thru restaurants and a 24/7 spa for mom. Fly by, bring your friends. I can let it go for a song.

hugs, Deb


  1. She is quite striking! I know they're good to have around livestock, aside from being guards. They seem to have a calming presence on cattle. I remember two of them on the farm behind our property where I grew up. If the dog was out in the back yard, they'd come up to the fence and just stare at the dog. For whatever reason, it would irritate the dog to no end.

  2. Your Bluebird box is perfect ! I hope you get occupants as soon as it's placed outside :)
    My daughter has four girl donkeys, and one boy, the donkey across the street brays at them back and forth all day long. When the previous owner of her farm had goats, the donkeys would keep the predators at bay, mostly coyotes. They say donkeys are a fierce to be reckoned with when in fight mode !
    Sweet Charlotte, she's gorgeous.

  3. Here Haw...who knew?
    Linda :o)

  4. So glad you finally got to meet Charlotte. She is pretty. To me, all donkeys are pretty. I really really want a donkey. Every now and then Poppy will say, I'm still going to get you a donkey!! I keep a picture of one on the refrigerator, just so he won't forget. :) You've sure sold me on that blue bird box! It is perfect!

  5. I didn't know that, either! How fun!

  6. Wow, an attack donkey! Who would have thought they could be that violent. That was fun to know.

  7. Sweet Charlotte, with the dainty ears.

  8. What a great story! You go Charlotte! Oh blue bird houses are the best when a new family moves in...good luck!

  9. I just think Charlotte is adorable! I think some of Natalie is rubbing off on you, XOXO

  10. Deb, I didn't know that about donkeys and my dear friend has several at her place, so I may have to question her about this protective instinct. And good luck with the bluebirds. I think we have them in Texas, although I have never seen one at our feeders.

  11. Guess I learned about donkey's today! Love your little 'cheep/cheap' house. So, David can be 'bought' with treats, eh? LOL!

  12. A very nice bird house. Charlotte is adorable! Hope to see more of her over the summer. One of our retired horses, Buddy, use to chase the foxes & coyotes out of his field. Buddy did not share his space with anyone! Funny beasts they are.

  13. I can well imagine a donkey being a danger to other animals. Those teeth could probably bite off a human hand and the hooves stove in a head, so I don't wonder that predators give Charlotte a wide berth. That is an important duty indeed.

  14. She takes her duties seriously, no wonder she bellows for her reward! I love donkeys, but I have met a couple that I wouldn't want to cross so I can well imagine they make excellent guards.
    I hope the box soon gets some tenants. Have a lovely weekend!

  15. Charlotte is adorable! I didn't know donkeys were so protective. Country life is so interesting.

    Your bird house looks as welcoming as can be. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there will be bluebirds!

  16. Donkeys are so cute, though! I think the mini-donkeys are hilarious. There used to be a donkey by our daughter's house and one day Kelli and the girls drove up that road to say hello to the donkey. He came up to the fence and gave a loud HEE HAW! They were thrilled!

  17. Lovely post and photos ! Way back in the olden days and still to this day in some countries they use the Donkey to protect their live stock from wild predators they were and are better then guard dogs then they became domesticated as pets and companions for cattle , horses and other live stock these days mostly here . I love Donkeys big and small ones . I had a Banty hen when I was kid named Charlotte from my favorite children's book Charlotte's web . I hope that lovely blue bird house gets tenants this summer . Thanks for sharing , have a good weekend !

  18. I always see donkeys by the sheep farm on the campus here. They clearly have their job but I had no idea how they did it so thanks for posting that. They look so sweet but they're certainly able to take care of themselves!