Saturday, December 5, 2020

Welcome December

 Well, it's not December as we know it with plans of family get-togethers; worship-services, unexpected visitors and wonderful dinners with friends. But...we carry on and plan for the best.

We are very thankful; lucky that no-one in the family has been ill so far. And we are in full Christmas mode now.

Santa is showing up all over the house. And the 2020 Santa is dressed for comfort.  Lounging pajamas, cozy slippers , hot chocolate and home-baked cookies. Perfect for a pandemic Christmas. He joins a twenty-five year collection of jolly 'ol St. Nick. 

The grands have been by to help decorate; the staircase being their proudest display.

Above is my first Santa that started it all. He now has a bad shoulder; the result of being dragged off one Christmas night by our nut-case cat Cali years ago. I eventually found him between the dryer and washer in the laundry area and he was a sight. 

Silly Wilson watching the laneway being blown out.

Decisions, decisions...
My granddaughter takes decorating very serious. :-) She changed it up a few times until it was just right. lol

Got to warm up those busy hands.

SANTA is everywhere at Fox Grove.

And outside the kitchen window you can see that since the day Wilson sat watching the show in the driveway, we have lost all our snow.
My favorite little squirrel, the red squirrel, has arrived for lunch.

And I'm ready for hot chocolate in my favorite festive cup.

I'm sure that everyone is getting into the Christmas mood (some snow would help here) and I wish you all a fun and peaceful weekend.

be kind, Deb