Monday, April 30, 2012

Snack time with Annie

Blue and white dishes for the kitchen sound just right to me. Cream walls and brown trim compliment the blue. Here is my new tea-cup and saucer I found this weekend at the Log Farm antiques.
I'll show off my newest tea-pot even though I am not using it today. One seems to compliment the other.

 This tea-cup feels perfect in the hand and holds 'lots'.

Oatmeal raisin cookies look just fine on the saucer, too.
 Blue & white just may become a new favorite. This cup and saucer is called Countryside.

Oh, I have company.
Annie loves to join me in the kitchen.
Does she not have the cutest pouty face? I are thinking "Does she have legs?" Yes, she does. 
She figures if I'm having a snack...she should,  too. So, she had a little salmon. :-)

I'm joining up with Tea-time Tuesday today. Drop by and meet Sandi. with Marty
and for Tea cup Tuesday.

hugs, Deb

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Make the bed? Why, thank you...I'd love to.

I managed to pop into the Log Farm (antiques) on Sunday for just a few minutes. Just long enough, though as I came home with my first blue & white tea-cup and 5 silver tea-spoons. Pretty? I think so.
This is my new favorite tea-cup.
It is called Countryside, Wedgewood and made in England. It holds a lot of tea for a cold day like today. Yes, it is still cold here..stop laughing. I believe our Summer came and went.

If you are a  cat owner,  you will understand when I tell you that making your bed in the morning may take a few tries before it actually looks good, if ever. I always remove the duvet, pull up the sheets and then place a clean towel over-top so if the cats lie on the bed the hair stays on the towel. Just getting that done could take some time.
Here's why.... between the towel and the sheet appears this..
who thinks I cannot see her. Out.of.her.freakin'.mind, this cat is.  Did I mention she's a lunatic?  I may change her name to Demente. (Insane in Spanish)
Then her ever-so-gentle and quiet little mom appears with a toy of some sort and decides to play with it on the bed. Why? Because I am in the room and where I go..she follows. So, some days I give up.
I've actually given up on a few things until 'monkey' grows up. I know one thing for sure...we need to move a lot of our 'out-door' plants out to the deck 'pronto' or she'll be digging her way to China, next. And all my jewelery is tucked away safely in a drawer since discovering that she loves 'all shiny objects'. She's a jewel-thief,  I tell ya. Oh yes, and she likes to shred all paper so the newspaper, paper-towels, toilet-paper, kleenex....need I say more.

hugs, Deb

Calm & quiet

Sundays start out quite calm and quiet around here. Once the kitties are fed they all go back to bed for awhile. These two separate only to dine.

Ed is 23 in May...Lily is soon 18

Annie goes where I go

and Audrey is always with the china.
I have a busy day today with cat-sitting. I have 5 kitties today and then a busier week ahead. And I do believe the sun is shining out there. Better weather is on its' way.

Happy Sunday, everyone.

hugs, Deb

Saturday, April 28, 2012

"Thank you" Lines from Linderhof

It was a quiet morning and I enjoyed not having to rush out the door for anything. It's not really seasonal weather right now as it's much too cold. The sun was shining though, and it seemed like a great morning for pancakes...Lines from Linderhof pancakes.
I love Martha's blog and have been wanting to try one of her recipes for awhile now.
The 'mace' in this recipe has the flavour of nutmeg and, if you like nutmeg, made these especially delicious.

I'm sure Martha's looked better than mine but I'll work on that. They sure did taste good. I'll be making these again soon. The retired guy thought they were a "great idea."
Pop over and meet Martha at
You will fall in love with her home, her tablescapes and want to try all her recipes.

Well, it only seemed right to head out for a walk after a big breakfast. You can see the trees are budding,
the weeds are growing and the sun is shining.
Too much sun for your eyes, Kanie?"
Oh, that's better.
"You are a rock-star, Kane."
Shade is even better. Kane never liked the sun in his eyes. I walk in the shade whenever possible. I never have a tan, needlesstosay.
I'ts really windy and I'm all bundled up and it's nearly May. That doesn't seem right.
Hope it's warm where you are. I'm holding myself back from dropping by to visit all those kittens again. 3 of them have been adopted so far but will not leave their mom for awhile yet. After seeing them yesterday, Audrey seemed so big when I got home. Big, bad & beautiful.
We were out for dinner at 'The Ashton Pub' tonight. The food was fantastic and it's a fun atmosphere. It is open 7 days a week now and I recommend it highly. The retired-guy said "that was a great idea." Seems I had a lot of those today.

Hugs, Deb
(Check out my last post if you are interested in adopting or just having a peak at 8 beautiful kittens from our local shelter (being fostered) that will need a home in the near future.)

        Spay or neuter you cat. That is the ticket!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Cute-overload at the end of this post

Remember...Bread &water can so easily be toast & tea.
I found this little tea-cup in a thrift shop yesterday.
I'm not a vegan...just would like to be.

Not sure what attracted me to it except that I love the art on the inside of the cup.
 Tea-cups really are little pieces of art. Banana nut muffins make them look even more beautiful (Thanks Allie, my little muffin artist)
So I added it to my collection and also gave one away to a fellow blogger so my collection has not grown, just changed.

"Good Morning, Lily" Are you hiding on the demon kitten?
That's an interesting position, Annie.
(washing up)

I am off to pick up keys for more cat-sitting this weekend. I have one new client and many regulars and will be busy once again.

But...are you sitting down?
I have been busy this morning photographing some kittens that were brought in to our town from the Lanark Animal Shelter in Smiths Falls. They are movers and shakers but you will see how cute these 8 little monkeys are. They are 6 weeks old and with their moms and all will need a home soon.

Here's one of the moms  (not much more than a kitten herself) 
This is a boy

This is the other mother. All these cats will need to find homes now.

Yes, they are beautiful but the message is very clear.
Please Spay or Neuter your cat. Our shelter is full of stray moms and kittens and kitten season is just starting. As much as I enjoyed playing with them ...this breaks my heart.

If anyone is interested in adopting please contact me.
I will leave this post up now for a few days.

hugs, Deb 

Thursday, April 26, 2012


I feel like I've known her all my life. 

When she stares at me it's as if she is remembering something and reminiscing. When I hold her close and put my face to her forehead there is a softness, a familiarity to her acceptance. 
How can this be that this little creature, this beautiful feline, has me feeling like I am home in her presence. 
She is only a year and a half old and I have shared life with her for all of 8 months.

Did she know she was never leaving? I hope so.

hugs, Deb

Best to know

I had a bone-density test done this morning. It's one of those things that your girlfriends talk about when you meet for coffee and you realize you've never had one and feel like you are lagging behind in the 'women's health issue' department.
Actually, that happened awhile ago as this test is the second one I've had done now. This one will tell me if I am starting to fall apart.

Here's how it works. The first scan is to get a 'base' of where you are at as far as the health of your bones. That was done 3 years ago. Today, the second scan will show them any changes since scan 1. It is a very low-grade x-ray that scans your body from your feet to your neck. It measures the density of your bones by the colour on the x-ray. White is what you want...good, dense bones. Grey or black shows deterioration of the bone. Oh, it is much more 'technical' than that but that's how it was explained to me today. My mother had osteoporosis in her later years and other members of the family suffer from arthritis. Best I keep on top of this.

I have a cat in a window photo for you. This is actually my daughter Allie's cat, Joe. I popped by and just as I was getting back into the car I looked up and there he was. "Hey, Joe".

Joe was rescued as a kitten many years ago. He is a character and lives with Ray-Ray (cat) and Forest, the new lab.

I also spotted a lovely cat wasting time on his fence yesterday. As you can see, our weather is cloudy, rainy & cooler this week. Kane & I don't let the dark clouds keep us in. Rain-boots are at the front door next to the dog leash. Must go...
hugs, Deb

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

a proud sister-to-be

We keep a weekly date with someone very special.
 It is breakfast out and then a bit of time at the local,  little book-store called Read's Book Shop.
Riley loves her bacon, eggs & home-fries so she keeps herself very busy filling her face just like nan & gramps.
Her favorite part of breakfast is the little slice of orange at the edge of the plate.
Aunt Allie came along too and Riley loves her aunt.

She has something she wants you to know. I'll let her tell you herself.

So, this September we will have a grandson. :) That's what the ultra-sound tells us.

I'm just back from my last visit of the day with Puff. His owners will be home tonight and he will be a happy guy. 

Cat-tip-for-the-day=^..^=water for kitty
There are many ways to encourage your cat to drink water. Just like us, cats need water everyday. Moist food is one way to get more fluid into your cat and also placing bowls of water strategically around the house will get their interest. I find in my home the cats drink more if I put water into an elevated dish (such as a tumbler or water glass). I have even used old parfait glasses and keep them filled with cool, fresh water. Our kitten, Audrey loves the parfait glasses and enjoys water several times a day. Our cat, Cali likes to drink from the bathroom tap mostly. Senior and Geriatric cats like Lily & Ed  tend to sleep the day away and need to be encouraged to drink enough water daily. 
Since placing bowls and glasses of water here and there, I am assured now that they are getting enough. I never had much luck with water fountains for the cats but that is another idea to encourage kitty to drink. It is important for their health so try different ways to get kitty to have more interest in drinking fresh, clean water daily.

hugs, Deb

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The stragglers

It was a busy weekend for cat-sitting and is now winding down. I just have Puff today
(taken in his garden last year)
and soon the kitty-madness will start again. Lots of people going over-seas, for different reasons. Looking forward to seeing all their cats and showing them off to you.

 I have a few more cups and saucers to show you from the auction last week that I attended in Almonte.
These are the last of them.

They are all bone china from England 
I'll be giving many away as gifts so watch for my give-away, if you are interested. There are only a few that will be.

It has rained for 3 days. I'm not getting many walks in and my body feels it. Today I will throw on the rain-boots and head out, anyway. It will be short...but sweet. I will take my dog and we will have a happy walk, regardless. That is, if I can ever wake him up.

This mug was in with a bunch of coffee-mugs on a shelf in a card shop.
I brought it home to be a 'tea for one' cup. And that's that!
Pop back tomorrow 'cause Riley has something to tell you.;-) & has a party goin' on. Drop by and enjoy lots of pretty blogs.
hugs, Deb