Sunday, April 15, 2012

4 cats, regular please

I've been busy caring for some of my regular client's cats this weekend. These are cats I see often as their owners travel with business and the cat's request my service.
Puff - remember the cat that is too pretty to be a boy?
His owner just mentioned that I have been caring for him for 10 years.
Otis - humour me, Otis. It is what you do best. Love this boy.
Do you remember this photo from last year? That's Otis waiting for breakfast.
"Throw it in here, cat-sitter"
"You're shameless, Otis"
Lola - the most beautiful coat and the sweetest disposition.

Rosie-I feed her, she tolerates me and in that order, only.

Today it is overcast and I'm heading out for my second walk before it rains. I've been baking and playing with dishes again.
 I had to test the muffins, of course, but that's it for me. No point in two walks a day if I sit around plugging my face with baked goods. (I could do that...easy :-b)  Anyway, if my kids read this it will all be gone by tomorrow. :-)

Someone would love to say " hi"!
Here is Bree now known as Ruby from the 3 kittens I fostered last Fall. This is the latest picture taken.
She is so loved.

hugs, Deb


  1. I love those cat photos! Just makes my day.

  2. You are the luckiest gal in the world getting to take care of all those sweet kitties Deb! Demanding or not. ;)
    xo Catherine

  3. Wonderful photos of beautiful kitties.

  4. You have very cute clients =)
    Ear scritches to Ruby...

  5. What bootiful kitties. I'll bet when something happens to one of them you are as upset as their oomams., Our pet sitter said that's the one downside to the kind of work you do - you get so very attached to your clients that it's hard when the cross the bridge or have to leave your service for some reason.

  6. I love your {regular's} and of course the picture of Ruby is precious! Its rainy here in Texas today.

  7. Too cute! And I love your pretty dishes!

  8. Deb: I love your posts. Beautiful Lola's eyes look just like my Maggie's. I call them worried eyes??..And shameless Otis is a creature after my late Annie. I will dedicate special picture to you one of these times..Happy Monday..Judy

  9. Love these kitties! Ruby looks great!