Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tea-cup Thursday

Primitive Rose was found in a little antique shop in Almonte, Ontario.
Yes, I do pop over to that town often. Mostly, I am there to have lunch at the Robin's Nest. She makes 50 different types of soup and so far I have not met one I didn't like. Quiche, sandwiches on home-made bread,. amazing salads and tea in real tea cups are never a disappointment. 

And right down the street are many fine antique and thrift shops. I never come home without at least one little addition to my china cabinets.
This little tea-cup is nice and plump & has a good wide handle.  I like the little touch of apricot. It was made in England and is a Royal Albert cup and saucer. Again, I wish I had found two of them but one will do.

The phone is ringing for more Easter weekend cat-care. I thought I was only caring for regulars this time and then today a new client called and I will be meeting two little lovelies on Saturday for the first time. One is six and one is thirteen. I'll be seeing that lovely Abyssinian again this weekend and many, many more. Did I mention I always care for bunnies at Easter? That's when I add a little bag of lettuce and sliced carrot to the cat-bag.
One's a holy terror but he still takes the lettuce and leaves me my finger. He's a waskily wabbit.

Hugs, Deb
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  1. Beautiful cup.. it needed to come home with you. Have fun with the sweeties this weekend.. Happy Easter, many blessings, xo marlis

  2. What a sweet teacup and you know I love all those rabbits! Enjoy your weekend! Hugs, Linda

  3. Awww, you will have lots of sweeties to go and cuddle and play with all weekend.

    Your planters look great - it will be nice to watch them grow.

    Hope you get some warmth and sunshine this weekend. We are still getting some sunshine and about 17 degrees during the day, but a bit chillier at night, so Poppy is snuggling with me on the bed now.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  4. You find the prettiest tea cups when you visit Almonte! Happy Tea Day!

  5. A friend used to walk her rabbit on a leash...too cute.
    Jane x
    PS You find the best teacups!

  6. love that cup! love Easter bunnies! So sweet.

  7. Love your Royal Albert! That tea room sounds perfect! And your bunnies are so cute! We used to have an Abby until she died of old age. Her favorite food was cantaloupe....went absolutely bonkers for it! She would smell it and come running from where ever she was. Liked watermelon too!
    Cheers and Happy Easter!

  8. I bet all those kitties are ready to chase some bunnies! Thank you for linking to Friends Sharing Tea!