Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Impervious to detergents

You aren't tired of seeing my new (old) tea-pot yet, are you?
I think it deserves a bit more stage time.
I love the name of this china
Although the little feet have lost some shine, I still think they are cute as can be. I laughed at what it said about detergent. My grand-mother always told me never to wash a tea-pot with soap as it changes the taste of the tea. She always put boiling water and lemon in the pot to clean it. I do the same now.
Audrey wants me off the computer so I'll put food out for HER squirrels. Must go.
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hugs, Deb


  1. I didn't know you were NOT supposed to use detergents to clean a tea pot :|
    Hi, Audrey =)

  2. Beautiful teacup.."impervious to detergent" is also a practical idea, lol..I thought it was funny too..but than English are different, lol. Great tip from your grandma as I have others, vintage teapots, that are probably not impervious!! Lots of hugs,

  3. Cute teapots. I love them but never use them. I more a bag in the cup kind. I love that kitty picture! My cats always do tho when there are birds in the garden.

  4. I love the picture of your kitty looking out the window. It reminds me of my dog who used to sit on the top of the couch to watch cars outside. I've never heard that tip about cleaning teapots, so thanks for sharing that at my party. Your teapot is really pretty!

  5. See the squirrels outside is an delicious window program!

  6. Hi Deb,
    You have a darling teapot. Thanks for the info on cleaning teapots, I never knew not to use soap and water. Your kitty looks so cute looking out the window.

  7. Your teapot and kitties are delightful!

  8. Deb: That is the cutest teapot and that Audrey knows what's best for her!..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  9. Quite an interesting comment, " impervious to detergent". I wonder if the marking is specific to the teapot or it refers to a set of china cups and such that might have come with it. I still never use soaps/ detergents in my tea pots. Old ways die hard. ( I'm mad for your blue and white beauty.)

  10. "Impervious to detergents" ... like some kids I know! ;)