Friday, April 6, 2012

A 'bright' Good Friday

It is a long weekend so there will not be any action at the warehouse for a few days where I feed the ferals. I was able to leave much more food than usual last night and now they can feast for a couple of days. The weather is cold at night but our days are warmer and lots of bright sun so life is getting better for the homeless. The cats that now feed there are extremely feral. It is an odd site to now spot one patiently waiting for me to leave the site. My own cats were fed late last night and had their tails in a knot when I got home from appointments in the city. Poor Audrey; she is used to having many a cuddle and play session in between my cat-sitting appts. but not yesterday. Too much to do. She looked miffed.
The retired guy was outside taking pictures of the moon with my new camera last night. I bought a Canon Elph300HS. It fits in my hand and has many more features than my last one. I should have some fun with this but need some time to figure it out.

It's cold today but unlike most Good Fridays the sun shines bright.
 It's a chance to have a little fire in the wood-stove again.
                                                                     Our Lily

This morning I am off to cat-sit & bunny-sit. I'm hopping a bit myself as I have done something to my right knee. I think it's just the same pain that moves around from place to place after you hit the 50's. Never really leaves; just pops up here and there. But, like the mailman, nothing stops me from 'delivering' those much anticipated bowls of Fancy Feast & nom-noms of every sort to the awaiting home-alone kitties. 

May you have a blessed Good Friday and remember the reason that we live.
 hugs, Deb


  1. I love the sound of your job, I miss my kitties, and bunny, I was everyone's go to cat and dog sitter when we lived our other life, I was a voluteer, i loved it so much and relive it everytime I come here.Have a wonderful weekend, pet a kitty for me please.

  2. I am laughing at that same pain that just moves around and pops up here and there....I have that too! Have a wonderful Easter weekend and cuddles to all the kitties! Linda

  3. Happy Resurrection Week, milady! So glad you stopped by! My career life has changed and it looks like I'll have more time on my hands - the more to visit in Blogland. I've missed not making as many rounds as I'd like these past few months - but all things for the best and better. Catching up with many dears in Blogland - and I've enjoyed your bunnies, teacups, and cats - of course. My Easter Tree is all that's in the photo, I'm afraid - just a miniature little thrift store find. Copperfield and Emma are fine - though Emma is on medicine again this week for her chronic asthma. So awful when she starts coughing. Breaks my heart. But, a day or so up close and personal with a vaporizer and nightly meds puts her to rights - until the next bout. Bless you as you look after your charges - the care of God's creatures is Eden's work.

  4. Happy Easter to you!

    Truffle and Brulee

  5. Your table is so beautiful! And the parade of chocolate bunnies is just delightful. Now, what is the address again? We'll be over at the appointed time.

  6. I didn't know that you fed the feral cats, so kind. As you probably know our kittens were fathered by the black feral cat in our area, that was 4 years ago, goodness knows how he survives but he does.
    He usually comes around and sniffs out the bits of chicken that I leave out for the foxes but there is no way that you can get anywhere near him. Rupert looks very much like him.
    Rupert is now okay thank goodness, he produced the most enormous hairball and from now on is on Katalax every morning.
    We have been doing a spot of your job this week feeding a neighbours cats, maybe it is something we could look into doing more often.
    Enjoy the holidays

  7. Happy Easter to you and all your furry friends ! Gail x

  8. Enjoy those bunnies.
    Thank you for your comments.
    I'm not sure I would be too entertaining for Audrey at 3 am. Hahahaha!
    And yes I was upset/angry/bitter when I saw my front step this morning. Who would do something like this? I am sorry to say the lovely little ornament you gave me was part of the destruction:-( That really upset me!!! I should have hung it inside.
    Enjoy your Easter and your wee Riley.
    See you Wednesday for our walk!!

  9. Oh my ~ I was a bit behind but now I am caught up. Look at that cozy fire! Banjo and I could have used that this weekend. It's been cold! :(
    xo Catherine