Thursday, April 26, 2012


I feel like I've known her all my life. 

When she stares at me it's as if she is remembering something and reminiscing. When I hold her close and put my face to her forehead there is a softness, a familiarity to her acceptance. 
How can this be that this little creature, this beautiful feline, has me feeling like I am home in her presence. 
She is only a year and a half old and I have shared life with her for all of 8 months.

Did she know she was never leaving? I hope so.

hugs, Deb


  1. That is one cute kitty, and I know that feeling of being at home in her prsence :)

  2. Deb: She is so pretty. She looks exactly like a cat we had many years ago named Elsa. (After the Born Free lion) She had a litter of kittens in my daughter's bed one night, and she took two stray kittens in with her own. She had a beautiful soul..Happy Friday..Judy

  3. I think she knew she was not leaving. We knew it too!

  4. What a beautiful and deep souled pair of eyes. Can see why you feel as you do...yep,she probably knew she was a permanent fixture..cats usually know way before us how it's gonna be :)!! Blessed Friday!Sue,Rosie....and TOPAZ!!

  5. Love these pictures. Great post. Lucky Annie, lucky you. She is a special little lady. And both of you are home.


  6. Beautiful! Hugs to you and Annie!

  7. Soul writing =)
    Annie has such a sweet face
    and I'm so glad she has a good home.

  8. Oh Deb what a beautiful post! True love along with trust...what a wonderful relationship. Annie is such a beautiful cat and such a sweetheart. I feel this way about Olly and he loves me too. Never thought I could feel this way about a cat as I have always been a 'dog person'! Your photo's are WONDERFUL...they capture her personality and you can see her love for you in her eyes. Beautiful. Maura :)

  9. This post brings a sweet tear to my eye and joy to my heart! I feel that way about was love at first sight! hugs, Linda

  10. I often think, what if my strays hadn't turned up in my garden, but my neighbours (who would have ignored them). What if they had not found anything to keep them here, and moved on without ever meeting me? What if my other neighbour had not told me about the tiny, black cat under the hedge that needed rescuing? I would never have known these characters that have made such a difference to my life.