Saturday, April 28, 2012

"Thank you" Lines from Linderhof

It was a quiet morning and I enjoyed not having to rush out the door for anything. It's not really seasonal weather right now as it's much too cold. The sun was shining though, and it seemed like a great morning for pancakes...Lines from Linderhof pancakes.
I love Martha's blog and have been wanting to try one of her recipes for awhile now.
The 'mace' in this recipe has the flavour of nutmeg and, if you like nutmeg, made these especially delicious.

I'm sure Martha's looked better than mine but I'll work on that. They sure did taste good. I'll be making these again soon. The retired guy thought they were a "great idea."
Pop over and meet Martha at
You will fall in love with her home, her tablescapes and want to try all her recipes.

Well, it only seemed right to head out for a walk after a big breakfast. You can see the trees are budding,
the weeds are growing and the sun is shining.
Too much sun for your eyes, Kanie?"
Oh, that's better.
"You are a rock-star, Kane."
Shade is even better. Kane never liked the sun in his eyes. I walk in the shade whenever possible. I never have a tan, needlesstosay.
I'ts really windy and I'm all bundled up and it's nearly May. That doesn't seem right.
Hope it's warm where you are. I'm holding myself back from dropping by to visit all those kittens again. 3 of them have been adopted so far but will not leave their mom for awhile yet. After seeing them yesterday, Audrey seemed so big when I got home. Big, bad & beautiful.
We were out for dinner at 'The Ashton Pub' tonight. The food was fantastic and it's a fun atmosphere. It is open 7 days a week now and I recommend it highly. The retired-guy said "that was a great idea." Seems I had a lot of those today.

Hugs, Deb
(Check out my last post if you are interested in adopting or just having a peak at 8 beautiful kittens from our local shelter (being fostered) that will need a home in the near future.)

        Spay or neuter you cat. That is the ticket!


  1. Deb -- thanks for the kind words and I'm glad you liked the pancakes! They are a favorite here!

  2. The pancakes look delicious. And I love ALL of your fluffy ones.

    Come visit and learn of my give away.

    - The Tablescaper

  3. The pancakes look fantastic.

  4. The pancakes look really jummy !
    Kane sure looks like a Rockstar in the shades :)

  5. I know just how you feel, Kane =)
    I need to wear sunglasses whenever the sun is a beaming !
    Pancakes sound so good!

  6. I love me a good pancake and these look pretty healthy...and Kanie looks so cute in his sunglasses..we are overcast and a bit gray out today..but not to bad otherwise..hoping to get the retired guy and the dog out for a walk.;)have a good one..and enjoy your sunday with your family.;)

  7. Hurrah for the kitties! I hope the little dark ones find loving homes. So often they are overlooked in favour of the more colorful ones.
    Real maple syrup! Ultra yum! Just love the stuff.