Friday, April 27, 2012

Cute-overload at the end of this post

Remember...Bread &water can so easily be toast & tea.
I found this little tea-cup in a thrift shop yesterday.
I'm not a vegan...just would like to be.

Not sure what attracted me to it except that I love the art on the inside of the cup.
 Tea-cups really are little pieces of art. Banana nut muffins make them look even more beautiful (Thanks Allie, my little muffin artist)
So I added it to my collection and also gave one away to a fellow blogger so my collection has not grown, just changed.

"Good Morning, Lily" Are you hiding on the demon kitten?
That's an interesting position, Annie.
(washing up)

I am off to pick up keys for more cat-sitting this weekend. I have one new client and many regulars and will be busy once again.

But...are you sitting down?
I have been busy this morning photographing some kittens that were brought in to our town from the Lanark Animal Shelter in Smiths Falls. They are movers and shakers but you will see how cute these 8 little monkeys are. They are 6 weeks old and with their moms and all will need a home soon.

Here's one of the moms  (not much more than a kitten herself) 
This is a boy

This is the other mother. All these cats will need to find homes now.

Yes, they are beautiful but the message is very clear.
Please Spay or Neuter your cat. Our shelter is full of stray moms and kittens and kitten season is just starting. As much as I enjoyed playing with them ...this breaks my heart.

If anyone is interested in adopting please contact me.
I will leave this post up now for a few days.

hugs, Deb 


  1. I can only hope al these sweet kitty's will find a good home.They are so lovely

  2. For the love of Pete, please spay & neuter!!!!!! They are all unbelievably adorable & the moms are just beautiful. This is a lucky group that have a second very many don't.

  3. Yes, they are too adorable for words (as are all cats at any age), but think what the poor Mums went through. spaying and neutering also eliminates possible diseases in the future...a win win situation if ever there was one.
    Jane x

  4. They are adorable but there are so many unwanted cats and kittens it breaks my heart! Love the new teacup! Hugs, Linda

  5. Hi Deb: All I could do was stare and say OMG, OMG, and on and on. What sweetness and thoroughly trusting little things, and then you think of how and why they are here and I just get sick. Jerry volunteers at our local animal shelter and he sees it all the time. When are these people going to wake up!!! Happy Weekend..Judy

  6. Those kittens are sure cute and so is your sweet Lily! Would love to see more pictures of Lily as she is a looker for sure.

  7. Beautiful tea cup, Deb! Oh, and those little kitties - what little angels. Look at those big ole blue eyes! I can always count on a smile when I pop in. Have a great weekend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. How about some photos of the dark kitties?

    I'll 'fess up. I'm mad about your new tea cup and I am envious beyond belief that your stores contain such treasures! The design in the bottom of the cup is just gorgeous! Might you tell up a bit about it?

  9. DEB!!!!!!!!! You temptress you. They are so sweet.
    Altho anytime I get misty eyed over a new kitty in the house I find yet another spray spot -- GRRRrrrrrr.
    Have a great wkend.
    See you Monday.

  10. oh I am in kitten overload..I want to hug and cuddle them all...they are so precious as are their mamas.;) I hope they find homes soon.:)

  11. Mwaaaaa! Now I need a kitten fix! LOL! Adorable!

    Bad form for anyone that does not spade or neuter their pets. Very bad form. :(

    xo Catherine

  12. The teacup is lovely =)
    Those little furry munchkins look so innocent here
    I know better, though =)
    so cute!