Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Be as it may and some Easter planning

There was not a cloud in the sky today.
 A beautiful Spring day. Kane and I walked along the Mississippi River but did not stop to take photos. No photos until I get that new camera...maybe tonight. I just need some time to shop. Emmi & Didi were fast asleep when I arrived this morning to shower them with attention. I brought coffee and a sub with me and we hunkered down for some 'kitty & kitty-sitter bonding'. The jingly ball held not a moments' interest and they can only take so much of 'all this lovin'; it was back to bed for them. It's hard to compete with a warm duvet. God.....I just love cats for their independent nature.
They are a lot like humans...they want attention only when they want it and then they're happy to be left alone.

I shopped a bit today to fill a cute little Easter basket for Riley and a few new bunnies for the table.
These ornaments have been in the family for years and they are displayed every year..chips and all. It brings back good memories when the kids were young.

There was always an Easter tree but this year it went outside because of our kitten.
I'm no fool.
Now to decide on the dessert. We always have the traditional ham and pineapple, possibly samosa's for the vegetarians, cheesy scalloped potatoes and an array of veggies including fresh green beans for the main meal along with salads, rolls & lots of wine. The dessert can be anything and this year it will either be a coconut cake or an apple upside-down cake topped with whipped cream and cinnamon.  And then it's ..."bring on the chocolates & tea."
After that, I swear I am off sugar. I swear......

Hugs, Deb


  1. I love cats independent nature also!! Love all your sweet Easter items. Now that meal you have planned sounds so good and yes I'm going off sugar next week also...well maybe, Ok I'll think about it, oh who am I kidding. Hugs, Linda

  2. Hi Deb! I caught up a little with you just now. You are one prolific blogger! And a natural. People tell me that my white posts are restful and calming. Seeing a ton of your soft kitties lying in the sun does the same thing! Looks like your Easter plans have developed well. Hope it's great!

  3. I too love the independence of cats - and their contrariness. Despite the heater being on in the living room my Zebby Cat has stayed on the bed most of the day.

    Annie is looking so well and contented these days, and it is thanks to your dear self. Sending care and huggles,I hope you have a very happy Easter,

    Michelle xxx (and zzzzzzzzzzzzz from Zeb)

  4. How about serving both deserts in smaller versions.
    Everything totally delightful before swearing off sugar.