Tuesday, September 30, 2014

2 beauties

Rae-Rae loves my violets. She has been keeping this one company for some time now and it is starting to bloom once again.

If she could, she would own a garden of her own.
I imagine it would be a beautiful garden as each flower would grow to the sound of her purr. 
And let me tell ya, she loves to purr.
And other than it being covered in her floof...
this is the prettiest violet of all.

hugs, Deb

Monday, September 29, 2014

Changing leaves

We were out in the country again today so I snapped a few pictures of the leaves that are in full colour. I love it here in the Fall.

Maple trees surround our little spot and they seem to change in colour at different times. In a couple more days I imagine they will all be at their best. 

No sign of the mystery kitty today. I even walked around looking for him but to no avail. I did spot a black and white one sitting on a wood-pile next door, though.

Kane spent much of his day watching men work.
                                                                  Just chillin'

When we returned home, Audrey was asleep under a blanket in a Fancy Feast chicken and liver cardboard box.
Apparently, from what she tells me, she has been there all day. Well, I'm too pooped to look for evidence tonight. I don't believe a word of it, though.

Did I mention we are having the most amazing Fall weather so far? It's heaven.

hugs, Deb

Ticked-off kitty ticks off 'to do' list.

"Oh, today we suffer."

We've been left alone again and told to keep ourselves busy but stay out of mischief. AND...don't put cat-hair all over the furniture. I feel that if she doesn't want cat-hair on her,  she should stay off the furniture. Are you with me on that, folks?

So, we have the house to ourselves again and if only I had thumbs I could do a bit of redecorating. Lordy, this house needs it. I need to order more cat-trees.

So, have a nice day everyone. I've got a 'to do' list to start ticking off. First, it's to personalize a bed quilt. Oh ya!


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Some can wear a hat.

While cooking, I love to have the company of a cat in my kitchen.

But my cats like to take this task much more serious than some. Like Sierra, for instance.

She's always been a 'hat girl'. I, on the other hand, am not. I'm a little jealous that she can throw any hat on her head and look mawwwwwvelous.

We celebrated our little grandson, Brad's, 2nd birthday today. He is the most adorable little guy and was so excited to open so many wonderful gifts. He will be one busy boy this week. The party was held at a cottage on this gorgeous, warm, Fall day.


He's a big fan of helicopters, trucks, trains and a certain monster that he loves from a movie.
And....he got a new hat, too. I do believe he is a 'hat man'.
                                "Happy Birthday Brad".
hugs, Deb

Friday, September 26, 2014

Thursday, September 25, 2014

In hopes of a cherry pie.

Today we were out cleaning up around the property again and planted the cherry tree from Riley and Bradley. Today is Brad's 2nd birthday so it will be easy to remember the date. We decided to plant it right where the old log building stood. We'll be seeding the ground and adding wildflowers next Spring. I hope this tree loves it out here. I can't wait to bake that first cherry pie for the grand-kids.

Oh yes....we had a visitor. You knew we would, didn't you? Over the stone wall he came when he heard us walking about. I think he looks forward to our visits and watches for us now. The retired-guy thinks he is a girl. Well, it is hard to tell with this cat so I'm sticking with calling him Davey for now. You know...King of the wild frontier. He was such a character today; keeping me amused while I raked & moved rocks around. Look at this mug...
 All you have to do is touch him and he falls over.
I still don't know where he lives for sure but I'm starting to think he might be our next door neighbour. :)
I brought him out some kibble today and he wasn't all that interested. He had two bites and went off in search of a tasty mouse.

"Happy 2nd Birthday to our grandson, Bradley."
These grand-kids sure are growing fast. 
We'll be celebrating on Sunday.

hugs, Deb

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A little more of Fall's performance.

Tomorrow we will be back out at the property and I will be inquiring as to who might own this roaming tabby cat.
 Someone commented yesterday that he might have lived in the old log building we just took down but there was no sign of that whatsoever. From the neighbour over the fence, we were informed that it was a home to small wildlife over the years such as squirrels and raccoons but she never saw a cat in there.
Fall has shown it's glory already this year. These were taken yesterday as I walked around capturing the beauty surrounding me.

                                                          (across the fence)
Kari mentioned in a comment that it saddened her to think about the hands that cut the logs and placed the mortar between them. While I watched Luke remove the logs I not only thought of the men and their dedication to this structure but I could almost hear the voices, the conversations as they worked together. I imagined the laughter and then breaks where they might have enjoyed an ale or two while wiping their sweaty brow and standing back to admire their work. I thought, wouldn't it be amazing to just get a glimpse of the day the old building went up. To go back in time and be standing in the field watching as they work.  Oddly, in my mind, all the builders looked like Pierce Brosnan. :)

Funny how that happens.....

Hope you are enjoying these beautiful Fall days as the trees begin their last performance of the year.

hugs, Deb

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It's been an emotional day.

That's putting it mildly.

But all went well. Many logs were saved (75% of them) and as you can see the others were rotted. Most of the rotted ones came from the bottom of the building.
Luke was amazing at removing the logs so carefully. We really did appreciate his work.

Right in the middle of all the commotion and noise I was surprised by a visitor showing up. A very welcomed visitor, that is.
He sat with me as we watched each log be lifted and carefully placed on the ground. I was able to give him a tummy rub today so I know he is very comfortable with us now. He was actually very silly and I appreciated the distraction.

I told him all about my grandmother's cat who he just happens to resemble. How she would hunt in the same area that he has claimed as his little kingdom.

He found my story very fascinating.
Then he wanted another tummy rub.
Which he got. :)

So, that's that. We will be back this weekend to remove all the rubble, and there is lots of it, and take the scrap metal away. The logs will be stacked so they are off the ground for the winter.

Thanks for coming along on this project of ours. The fun part will be the rebuilding of the log structure so it's not over yet. I hope to have a safe and fun log building for my grands to play in and make lasting childhood memories just like I did. I know my grandmother would be smiling down on them. I certainly felt her presence today.

The weather could not have been better. We are in for some summer-like temperatures for the next few days. Hope the sun shines where you are.

hugs, Deb

Monday, September 22, 2014

A little more on the log building.

Saturday was a busy day removing the rest of the boards and part of the roof on the log building. It was decided to do the balance of the roof work when the loader arrived. Windows were removed, hydro box removed and pictures taken of all the logs. Another nesting box was discovered under the floor dirt. It still had feathers in it.

Today we headed up again to tag the logs. Allie (my youngest) came along to help her dad and see the old coop as it is one last time.
Of course, Kane has been there to help all along.

There is no doubt we all feel very sad to see the old coop taken down. It has weighed very heavy on my mind for a long time. It has been on the land since before my mom was born and was used by my great-grandparents. We are not sure of it's original use but at one time it housed two horses while the barn was being moved and then became home to many chickens, roosters and banty hens. There is a lot of history in this old building and memories to cherish. But knowing it will be rebuilt better and stronger has us looking forward to the family getting together and making it a fun project in the near future.  I have big plans for these logs keeping the memory of my grandmother alive. I know she would want that.

Tomorrow's post will be the last one now on the 'ol coop. Drop by to see the logs being carefully (and I stress carefully) removed and stacked. I'm hoping we start the re-building project next Spring.

hugs, Deb

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Always a pat for her cat

It poured rain today, and other than a little bit of housework, I spent some time looking at sites on-line. This photograph of Tasha Tudor and her tabby cat instantly transported me back to my childhood. My grandmother, who resembled Tasha, would often be spotted in the field next to her clap-board house with her Maggie close by. Maggie was her cat. A cat that had the perfect cat life; outdoors all day hunting and sleeping in the warmth of the sun and inside at night almost disappearing in her owner's apron lap next to the old wood-stove. 

I can picture my gran rocking with her tea in her hand. "Oh she can be such a nuisance" she would be heard saying as she struggled to move her from her lap to stoke the fire.
Then the instant she would sit back down in her rocker, Maggie would leap up and settle once again on her lap. My grandmother's hand would pat her on her head and then settle on her back.
That memory is very vivid in my mind all these years later.

Maggie could have been called a gardener with all the hours she spent helping my grandmother keep her hollyhocks, geraniums, gerbers, pansies and peonies looking beautiful.
I imagine my grandmother would accuse her of being a nuisance then, too, but nonetheless, she always had a smile and a pat for her cat. 

Even though I had been owned by a few cats already in my young life, I think seeing my grandmother and Maggie together really left an impression on me. One that grew with the years and led me to wanting to work with cats.
It was a quiet joy they shared just being together. 
And even as a very young child I understood it.

My grandmother, Mary.
(2nd from the left)
hugs, Deb

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Is anybody there?

"Hey, is anybody there?"

"Oh, there you are."
"I've been feeling very lonely today. Everyone left with tool boxes and grubs on and we cats have been home trying to survive without our servants here."

"I ate all the measly bit of food she left us." burp!

"I've already napped 'til I can't nap no more."

"I even worked in a new box while wearing airplane ears."
"And I stole Aunt Sierra's blankie"
"AND, I put lots of hair on someone's bed duvet."
"On purpose."

"And I'm still really bored and neglected."
"There's nothing left to do but sleep with my mom."
"I'll call the OSPCA when I wake up. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"