Friday, September 5, 2014

In the kitchen....

That's where I am today.
Yes, my kitchen looks lived-in.

On this hot day in September the oven is on and the A/C working over-time. And, I'm wearing my new apron that was made by the lovely Susan from
It's now my favorite one. :-)

I'm making a 3 bean salad and baking a banana cake for someone special

and all her friends that are coming to her first birthday party. It's a slab cake so it's easy to cut for the little ones. I'll show you pics from the party tomorrow.
"Happy 1st Birthday, little Gwynn"

And, of course I had help. I'm never alone in the kitchen. You know that.

"Are you showing off those green peepers again, Audrey."
hug, Deb


  1. Boy, you're keeping busy!

    Your granddaughter looks utterly adorable!

  2. Happy burfday to you...
    Happy burfday to you...
    Happy burfday dear Gwynn..
    Happy burfday to you...! :).
    (Love burfdays).

    3 bean salad....? Sounds a bit mean...
    Have'nt you got more than 3 beans....! :>).

    AND....As for Audrey....What more can be said,
    that has'nt been said....
    Pee~Po Audrey...! Bless!x

  3. Oh my, I can't believe little Gwynn is one already! Love that apron (Susan does make the best one's doesn't she). Hugs, Linda

  4. Hard to believe that year has flown by already - and what a sweetie pie one year old Miss Gwynne is.
    Love your natural apron wearing (so cute) 'in the kitchen' pics Deb - reminds me I need to give mine a clean this coming week after I get down to some baking. Just waiting for some cooler days too - 100 degrees is just too much!

    Hugs - Mary

  5. Definitely steamy yesterday! Did you get the rain, too? Happy Birthday Gwynne -- and LOVE Audrey!

  6. Gwynn is such a pretty little girl. Look at that smile. Happy birthday Gwynn!

  7. How totally adorable! Happy 1st birthday precious Gwynn!

  8. Great photo of Gwynn. She is adorable - as is Audrey. Hope it's a great birthday celebration.

  9. Audrey looks wary of such goingson!

  10. Happy Birthday Gwynn!