Wednesday, September 3, 2014

old black &whites

I came across this photo on-line and it made me think of a client/photographer that I once provided cat-care for.
There was a wall very similar to this in her home and it was mesmerizing.
I loved it. How intriguing and all-encompassing that room was.

Every photo that meant something to her was displayed. I'll never forget it. I spent a lot of time cuddling her cat while taking in the beauty of all the pictures.
I remember coming home and going straight to a box of old black and white photos I had on a shelf. I picked out my favorites and the next day bought a beautiful fabric board and displayed them in the office.

This was always my most treasured one.

My mom and her cat. She was 21 years old standing on the road in front of the property we now own. She passed away at 78 and is gone 17 years now. Did the apple fall far from the tree? No.

I know I was blessed to be her daughter and she is always in my heart.

Today is the retired-guys' birthday. A milestone it is; the big 60. Plans are being made to celebrate his big day this weekend along with our grand-daughter, Gwynn's first birthday.
Should be lots of fun. I think he wants to go out tonight for a steak and beer so I'd better get presentable. No cooking....yah!

Have a great night.

hugs, Deb


  1. Wish him a happy birthday for me! Mine was yesterday and my grandson's was today. We're 60 years apart. He just turned five, so that would make me... .Good thing math was never my strong suit.

  2. What a lovely pic of your Mom♥️
    My Mom was a cat lady too....
    Happy Birthday to the "old" retired guy...hahaha!
    Guess what we had for dinner?
    Steak and beer! lie!
    Enjoy your evening put....
    You must be excited about miss Gwynn's first Birthday...
    What did you get her....or make her....?
    Linda :o)

  3. This photo of your mom is simply precious. No wonder you have a love of cats -- it's clear it was developed early on! She's lovely. And that wall is fascinating!

    Many happy birthday greetings to your gang. It's nice to have a chance to catch up on your world!

  4. Happy Birthday, hubby! 60 is the new 40!

  5. Happy birthday retired guy!
    I see the in top photo someone has a thing for sailors!!
    Jane x

  6. happy birthday to him!

    Love the black and whites...really makes a statement!

    That photo of your mom is just adorable!

  7. Love that photo of your mom. Yes, you definitely inherited her strong love for cats! That photo wall is very interesting. Will you show us your B&W wall of photos as well? Happy birthday to your hubby. As Jane says above: 60 is the new 40. Enjoy the weekend of celebrations. Greetings, Jo

  8. Birthday wishes to the old retired guy! Great photo of your mom, I can see why you treasure it.

  9. Happy Birthday, retired guy! Many happy returns of the day. Hope this is your happiest birthday yet.

  10. You obviously got your love of cats from your dear Mum.
    No cooking? wonderful, I love that.
    Happy 60th to the old guy, lots more years to go yet.

  11. OMG, I meant retired guy, don't tell him. lol

  12. Happy Birthday, Retired-Guy! Love the idea of a wall-full of black-n-white photos!

  13. Oops! Forgot that I posted yesterday! You don't have to post my today!

  14. Lovely pic of your pretty mom and the kitty……I know you must treasure it.
    Belated birthday wishes to 'the retired guy' - hope the dinner out was fun and the celebration one to remember. Did you take a b/w pic by chance to add to your collection?

    Happy day - Mary

  15. That wall is fascinating! I wish I had the courage to fill a wall like that. Your mom was beautiful, I have had cats since I was old enough to remember, love them:>) Happy birthday to your sweetie!

  16. That wall reminds me of the movie "The Matchmaker". The title character has a wall full of pictures of couples he'd brought together. When he realises he's having a heart attack, he has just enough strength to make it to a chair in front of the wall, so the last thing he sees is all the happy couples.

    Each picture represents a moment in a life. What stories are behind those photographs.