Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Thank you for your kindness and a favorite blog.

First, I want to thank everyone for the thoughtful comments on my post about dear MrEd. We were just out to our property today to do some clean-up and tear off the vines from the old chicken coop and I was able to visit where Ed has been laid to rest. It's hard to do this, there are tears, but I come away feeling thankful for the time we had with him and at peace with his passing. He had such a long life for a cat (26 years) and although we only knew him for his last 6 years we could not have loved him more. It was such a privilege to be able to care for him in his senior years and give him a loving home. We will never regret adopting him at the age of 20 from our local shelter and we recommend to anyone who is thinking of giving a mature cat a second chance at a good, loving home to go for it. Just do it. These cats know when you have saved them and will give you more love than you can imagine.
They deserve that and I know we will do it again.

Once home, it was time for a healthy treat.
A hot cup of tea in a beautiful pottery mug, hummus from The Good Food Co. in our town, crackers and some blueberries. A simple and delicious snack.

Oh, I do see you, Lily.
As always, I am never alone in the kitchen. :)

So tonight I am sending you over to visit another of my favorite blogs, A Brit in Tennessee.  I find myself getting lost in the gorgeous scenery and the calming music that accompanies you as you visit with Jo. She will show you around her home, her fabulous gardens and introduce you to her feline companions, Oliver and Tom. So grab a tea, get comfy and enjoy the time you spend visiting this little piece of paradise.

hugs, Deb


  1. I'm glad you spent time with Ed. I keep Gypsy in my room by the window. He likes it there. I know Ed loves his spot.

    Hugs, j

  2. What an encouraging story about adopting an older cat.

  3. Ever since I first tasted Hummus (houmous) I have been an avid fan. I make my own almost weekly, and devour with the utmost pleasure.

  4. So loved seeing Mr. Ed photos again. I truly understand your tears and gratefulness. We lost two lovely lady kitties, Mousse and Cokie, last year. Both were twenty two. We now have sweet Lucy (2) rescued a year ago and Mr. Toby, he is 8. Love your daily posts. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  5. Your cats, of course, know that supervision is required in the kitchen.

  6. Once ours are gone,we'll adopt oldies..and only oldies.
    Jane x

  7. Love never ends and we never forget our sweet en dear friends and the love and joy they give us .Mr Ed was a beautiful one and i can imagine you are missing him .I often think of the ones i lost over the years

  8. I would guess that Mr. Ed reached such a venerable age because he was raised with so much love. Bless you to pieces for adopting such a senior fellow. They are my favorites!

  9. Since today is Charlie's 16th Birthday I am grateful to hear about Mr Ed living to 26!! Oh that Lily always makes me smile. Big Hugs to you today!

  10. I discovered your blog today and I am glad i did.

  11. Thank you so much for the tribute to our dear boy. We love seeing photos of him. He brought us so much joy. And that dear face! We'll never forget him.

  12. Thank you for your kind and lovely comments over the years Deb.
    It's always a pleasure to visit your beautiful home on the web, your photos are the highlight of my day :)
    Autumn is slowly creeping in, here in the South......I'm happy !

  13. Yes, I love Jo's blog too........and your snack looks lovely.

  14. Hi Deb.....
    I am a wee bit late to the party!
    Looks like a great time!
    Sad about Ed....he was sure OLD!
    He was lucky you found him....
    Enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)

  15. Here's to Mr. Ed!

    I still want to scatter Sophie's ashes in our woods. She so loved it there. I just haven't been able to do it yet.