Monday, September 29, 2014

Ticked-off kitty ticks off 'to do' list.

"Oh, today we suffer."

We've been left alone again and told to keep ourselves busy but stay out of mischief. AND...don't put cat-hair all over the furniture. I feel that if she doesn't want cat-hair on her,  she should stay off the furniture. Are you with me on that, folks?

So, we have the house to ourselves again and if only I had thumbs I could do a bit of redecorating. Lordy, this house needs it. I need to order more cat-trees.

So, have a nice day everyone. I've got a 'to do' list to start ticking off. First, it's to personalize a bed quilt. Oh ya!



  1. I feel your pain... My nap !
    By the time you know, they are back :)

  2. Am thinking that rubbing cat hair into everything is a good item on your list to check off first!

  3. If there's a catnip supply, I recommend breaking into it.

  4. Go, Audrey, Go!!!!! Then take a nap!

  5. Lizzie concurs with the napping option with Bird Viewing as a good second. And yes, the hair -- she can relate (and so can I!)

  6. Go for it Audrey...Go for it...
    And...Don't forget the little things you have
    between your thumbs..You know..Those
    little sharp things...! HeHe! :>).

  7. Oh,'re so full of personality! I suppose you'll blame it all on your siblings tonight! haha.

    I wonder what revenge my kitties have planned during this kitchen reno....

  8. Every day, I'm a bit nervous leaving my lot alone in the house. I'm never sure what I'll find when I come home...

  9. By all means, you should shed your beautiful fur all over the place. Especially treasured items like quilts etc.
    Then take a nap.
    the kitty brats

  10. This would make the cutest children's book. Just needs a few more pages. Your posts are special.

  11. Charlie does the same 'decorating' when I'm gone!

  12. Your cats always make me smile Deb. I really like the top photo :-)

    Happy week!

    Madelief x

  13. Now that our new addition is finished our kitties have four new rooms to decorate. They have started by wriggling all over the nice new rug and then advanced to the bedspreads.
    They could probably use some help from Audrey. She seems to be an expert.