Friday, September 12, 2014

'Me' day - Let's try it again, shall we.

 Audrey and I took to stroking off her list of favorite things to do on her 'Me' day.
The cat dancer has always been one of her favorite toys since she was the gosh darn cutest kitten ever.  
They can be purchased at most pet stores.

 We played 'til she was cross-eyed and I sat her down for a brushing after I gave in to letting her sit in MY basket that has a 'KEEP OUT' sign on it usually.

Much to her chagrin, I carried her around with me most of the day. There was no time for cat-napping as I included her in everything. She hung over my shoulder quite exhausted while I dusted; watered plants and made my tea. She heard all about the woes of the world. Then I gave her a lesson in spelling with her blocks (she really needs to work on that) since she so loves to leave me loving messages.
And we even danced in the kitchen to some Beatle tunes.

After her favorite dinner, she high-tailed it upstairs (for some reason), slammed the door and dove under her favorite blankie to take a peaceful snooze.

I think I heard "Get lost" as I was peaking in the room.

Okay, then. So, that was Audrey's 'ME' day. I doubt she'll complain for awhile.

More of AA tomorrow.

hugs, Deb


  1. You know that Audrey enjoyed every single second of her special day with you!

  2. A little bit of loving 'torture' is good for a cat now and then. He-he-he!
    Hope you enjoyed your alone time, Audrey!

  3. Ah! look! From Princess Audrey....
    To Queen Audrey!
    She's the bees knees! If bees had knees! :>).

  4. I've tried that with Lizzie but never made it through. No, mom! PLEEEASE don't pick me up again!

    She is adorable -- so beautiful now and such an enchanting kitten face! Love this post! You're giving me ideas! ("Lizzie -- nap time is OVER!")

  5. She is such an expressive cat! Love Love her facial expressions. Charlie has enjoyed his cat dancer but Tiger bought him a new squeaky mouse with feathers for the tail and he has been enjoying his great birthday present for sure! Charlie thinks EVERYDAY is his ME day!

  6. That is so cute! Your words go perfect with the pictures! Lucky kitty cats!

  7. That photograph of her under her blankie is adorable!

  8. Love those little paws sticking out. Why is it we never, ever get fed up with looking at our cats.? Every day is a new day to drink them in.

  9. Audrey is far too cute for her own good!

  10. HA! We had to do that with Felix for a loooooong time. He was SO cranky about going to sleep we had to wear him out, every day!

  11. Audrey, I salute you. :) What a cat.