Thursday, September 18, 2014

kitty-clients and a manicure, too.

It was a rather quiet few days for cat-sitting but I did get to care for three very sweet kitties.
Little Angel is a darling cat and she lives with big boy Jewel. Their personalities are very different. She is timid and shy and he is in your face and a bit of a bruiser. I really enjoyed caring for them. I had extra time to pamper them this week. Jewel ran from the camera but Angel obliged. Jewel is a big, orange, tabby boy. Maybe I'll capture his lion pose next time.


And then there is darling Petra. Isn't she a doll? She was all alone at home and was so happy to see me arrive. She loved to be brushed and we sat and talked and solved all the world's problems.
She spent much of her days sitting on her comfy cat-tree and watching the neighbours go by.

These last few days I have been busy with other projects as cat-sitting has come to a halt for a week. It's not very often that I don't have any cats that need care so I use this time to finish up some loose ends around home. And believe me, there are lots of those. There is also the project with the log building and a few more things I will fill you in on soon. *smile*

Looks like starting next week I'll be back at it and have some gorgeous felines to show you. October is filling up.

Audrey has had lots of 'me time' lately and we even managed a nail-trimming today. Wasn't that fun, sweetie? Your little paws look so pampered and delicate now.

                    "NOT FUNNY!"

hugs, Deb


  1. Poor Audrey!

    Angel and Petra look like real beauties!

  2. Paws for Thought....!
    Audrey has a lovely expressive face...
    And...The captions always fit......
    Love It...! :>).

  3. I see Audrey has her serious look on.

  4. Audrey, you know you dislike when your claws get caught in stuff, like carpet loops and mom's jeans! A little trim makes those hooks go away; now, doesn't that feel better? Sure it does! Our kitty is named Angel too, and I've always loved 'Petra'; it's on my list of potential names for future kitties! Have a good weekend!

  5. Audrey seems to like having her claws cut as much as my bunch do.

  6. Our kitties are growing fast and still keeping me on my toes!! Audrey has the same look they did when their nails were trimmed last week:-D