Tuesday, September 9, 2014

How I miss him

It's been nine months to the day that we lost him.
He was quite the character, our Ed was.
He could be naughty but always got away with it.

I just have to think of him and it brings a smile to my face.
I always thought of him as a 'kind' cat.
He never lashed out at anyone or any cat.
He instantly wanted to be friends.
He made you feel like you were the most important person in the world.
He was a 'buddy' to everyone.

He used to do the silliest things; like sleep with a wooden cat in his image.

I still can hear his Siamese cry for dinner & I'll always remember his baby blue eyes.

Oh, he was a treasure and I think of him often.

"I hope you are at peace, Ed. I miss you; we all miss you. Your darling Lily missed you so much when you left us.''

'' Rest well, 'ol fella. You were a magnificent cat."
hugs, Deb


  1. He was a beauty. It is so hard to lose a pet. My GSD died in May of 2013 and I miss that dog every day.

  2. His photo on the side bar of your blog makes me smile all the time. He was a really special guy! Hugs!!

  3. Ed was a handsome guy! Sounds like he was a bit of a flirt too!

  4. He sure was a special, beautiful cat! Hugs.

  5. It's so hard when they leave, very hard.

  6. Such a beautiful post. It brings tears to my eyes.
    He will always live on in your mind and heart.

  7. I am so very grateful you are remembering Ed this day and knowing you must indeed be very sad. I remember your posts with his photos -- so handsome. I mourn Gypsy every day, although like you, I have other dear ones to love. But some are their own special and irreplaceable friend. Ed was clearly that to you. Sending you cyber hugs today.

  8. My heart hurts with you as you remember and grieve. I was doing ok as I read your tribute until I got to the part of Lily and the picture of Ed resting on his Lily. He was loved by many. Lovely remembering. Purrs to you.

  9. It is good to see Mr. Ed.
    What a sweetheart.
    (and a character!)

  10. I knew when I saw your post title, it must be about your beloved Ed. Who did not fall in love with such a noble kitty? I thought of Ed the other day and knew how much you must miss him. When our 19 yr old Boone lost a battle to cancer just months after we moved to Maine, it was with such sadness and heartbreak to say goodbye! The photos of Ed and Lily are the sweetest pictures ever! Hugs to you sweet Deb!

  11. I grew up with two Siamese cats and there is something special about them. Take care. Robin

  12. I'm so sorry for your loss, Deb. I've never known who Ed was (in sidebar) until this post. Great memories of a very good-looking lad. Blessings Jo

  13. What a beautiful cat. Every one has such a special-ness about them. How nice that you have such wonderful pictures of him.

  14. We love Ed and miss him too, Deb.
    There was something so special about him; you fell in love with him instantly. I often think how wonderful it would have been to meet him and actually touch him!
    Follow the sun, little man. All of our love is with you.

    1. Aw, thank you Kari. I know you loved Ed. He would have loved to have met you, too. He would have sat on your lap and taken it all in. He was as soft as velvet and his ears even softer. Thank you for such a nice comment. Hugs

  15. Oh Deb, I'm so very sorry for you loss. I haven't been by in a long time, so this came as a shock. Big HUGS for you. We know how hard it is to lose a precious furbaby.

  16. Your Ed reminds me (not in appearance, but in *heart*) so much of our Jack who we also lost this year. All our cats are wonderful, but some have so much more *heart* that they leave a lasting hole in the house-hold. Peace to you, Ed... and to our Jack.

  17. I'm so sorry for your pain. Mr. Ed was so beautiful. I still hurt for my kitties who are gone.

  18. He was such a beautiful boy and I know you miss him more than words can say.
    Rest in peace sweet Mr. Ed, you will always be remembered.

  19. Mr. Ed is resting in the arms of God along with my beloved kitties. What a gift they were and now what treasured memories....

  20. Can't see through the tears to type. I am keeping watch over my sweet Violet these last weeks. She is 19 and nearing her end. Heartbreaking.

  21. Aw, what a sweet tribute for a truly sweet cat. I, too got choked up when I saw the picture of Ed with Lilly.