Saturday, September 13, 2014


The old log building on our property looked like this in August.

And yesterday a wind-storm knocked down one of the little trees in front.
So it was time to take all the vines off and cut down the other rotting tree to the right.

Time to call on the old tractor.

The building is covered with barn board and underneath it is log.
It has a shed roof on it that is now rotting. We found a few nests up there.

Once we are done the clean-up I will show you the building again. 

We were given some free wood from another lot to dry. This will probably be ready for burning in two years from now.
It's a pretty big pile.
My job will be to stack it nicely. Maybe next week. Or the next....

I found this little guy in the wood-pile and took him over to the fence where he wouldn't get stepped on.
I remember loving these little creatures as a kid.

Hairy Molly
Cutest darn things.
And speaking of loving some creatures, look who came by to say 'howdy' just before we were ready to leave.
I've named him Davey (King of the wild frontier) 

but I'm sure he has a more dignified name than that.
He looks so happy and healthy. I am almost positive he uses our lot to hunt and that's just fine with me.

It is raining buckets today but we'll be back tomorrow for more clean-up.
We'll be dressed for the weather; sweater, jeans and gloves. 

Audrey says "Thanks for all the nice birthday wishes."  She just polished off a quarter can of tuna. Yep, she's lovin' her day.

hugs, Deb


  1. That is a huge pile of lumber!

    Davey, or whatever his name is, is looking in good shape, so you're right, he's just passing through on his daily rounds, and must have a human or two to cater to his every whim somewhere in the area.

  2. Aw...Davey sure is a handsome hunter!

    Look at that fire wood! Nice work, you two!

  3. That's a nice pile of wood. I love to stack firewood. Oh, the wooly worm. I love them too.

  4. Many people here use those wooly caterpillars to predict the severity of the oncoming winter.

    1. That's interesting, Marty. I'll have to look that up.

  5. We call them woolie bears. And it's the size of the brown section that indicates mild or severe winter but I don't recall which is which!
    I love your log building. What a dream to restore something like it.
    Might you be building out there in the near future?

  6. Love that old building! Davey probably scored some extra mousies stirred up by the commotion.

  7. Stacking wood as my Dad split the logs was my job when I was around 12 yrs. old. I thought it was great fun - for about a half hour or so. After that I suggested it was more of a job for my brothers to do. There was never a reply to that suggestion. That is a lot of hard messey work you guys have to do on the property, but it will pay off when it's all cleared. As soon as I scrolled down & saw the wooly worm caterpillar it made me remember all the hours I played with these fuzzy coated fellows. I seem to called they would pinch or nip when they tired of "playing" with me. Glad to see your resident field hunter friend came out to say hello. Happy Birthday wishes to Audrey. A bit belated, but heartfelt. 3 is a wonderful age to be a cat.

  8. You might want to check this photoblog post out:

  9. Oh boy, wood! I just finished stacking ten cords in the basement. Gordon can't be trusted to stack. He creates deathtraps! :)