Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Doughnuts for fuel, right?

Pumpkin doughnuts are everywhere right now.
And who can resist, I ask?

So we did partake, with some steaming hot coffee, but first we earned them big-time.

This wood from another lot was driven to our lot and needed to be piled for drying.
This is where the above doughnuts worked as fuel. ;-b

Phew! Well, of course the retired-guy helped. I couldn't even lift some of these logs. But I did get in a good work-out and expect that while the wood dries this pile will house a few rodents as the weather cools.

My dear Aunt Francis, my mom's little sister, dropped by with family to have a walk around the property and chat about her memories on the farm. We had a good laugh about some of the silliness that her and my mom would get into as kids.  She walked around the old chicken coop and told me that at one time her grandpa and dad kept 2 work horses inside the log building while they were moving a barn and building the little clap-board house. She has such vivid memories of her childhood.

Here you can see where the rotting vines have been removed now. The building is completely log under the barn board .

It was so nice to see them all. We talked about our plans to take down the old chicken coop because of rotting wood and carefully rebuild it in the near future. Right now you cannot enter it safely.
It will be off the lot line and moved to a better place but it will remain the same as much as possible. Aunt Francis felt better knowing that we are saving all the wood and she looks forward to seeing it rebuilt and usable again. For what?, you may ask. Well, if the retired-guy gets his way it will be housing chickens again someday.  Maybe....

                "Oh ya...bring on the chickens. Yummy...yum"
     "Behave, Audrey. They would be laying hens and that's that."
hugs, Deb


  1. Audrey would just love to get her claws in one of those cluck clucking chickens.

    Well, you worked quite an appetite up, so you're allowed the doughnuts.

  2. Ah! A picture of lovely'ness first thing in
    the morn'in...Just morn'in over here!
    Morn'in Audrey..I'm enjoying a lemon tea,
    and a peek, and read of Mum's lovely post!

  3. Oh I just love Audrey! What a great and huge job you did of clearing those logs and vines. I look forward to seeing the new chicken house. And where Audrey takes up watch! I have never heard of pumpkin donuts and would love to taste one. So good to hear people who still love their older relatives. They (the relatives) are so precious and have a store of memories and stories. Great post Deb! Greetings Jo

  4. I don't eat doughnuts,so please feel free to have my share!
    Jane x

  5. Audrey, you are just so cute! Am thinking about your family's land; is there a territorial feeling, like kitties have? This is mine! Random thoughts on a cool morning...

  6. Oh, I want a doughnut! ha. I might have to make something pumpkinish today!

    That is quite a pile of wood! And chickens...oh my, that would be fun! I'd love to have some and their eggs. There are adorable chicken coops to buy these days, too. Boy oh boy would my cats love that. haha....poor chicks.

  7. A chicken in every pot! Audrey will be happy indeed! You've been awfully busy and very productive! All this talk of pumpkin leads me to making pumpkin bread today -- a perfect thing to take to book club tonight!

  8. It's neat that you have plans to salvage the old chicken coop. Buildings are almost living things to me, and I like to see them of use.

    And thank you for spelling doughnuts correctly! Enough of American shorthand (e.g. donuts)!

  9. I found your blog from your comment on John Gray's blog today. I love the idea of work horses living in the log building at one time.