Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A little more of Fall's performance.

Tomorrow we will be back out at the property and I will be inquiring as to who might own this roaming tabby cat.
 Someone commented yesterday that he might have lived in the old log building we just took down but there was no sign of that whatsoever. From the neighbour over the fence, we were informed that it was a home to small wildlife over the years such as squirrels and raccoons but she never saw a cat in there.
Fall has shown it's glory already this year. These were taken yesterday as I walked around capturing the beauty surrounding me.

                                                          (across the fence)
Kari mentioned in a comment that it saddened her to think about the hands that cut the logs and placed the mortar between them. While I watched Luke remove the logs I not only thought of the men and their dedication to this structure but I could almost hear the voices, the conversations as they worked together. I imagined the laughter and then breaks where they might have enjoyed an ale or two while wiping their sweaty brow and standing back to admire their work. I thought, wouldn't it be amazing to just get a glimpse of the day the old building went up. To go back in time and be standing in the field watching as they work.  Oddly, in my mind, all the builders looked like Pierce Brosnan. :)

Funny how that happens.....

Hope you are enjoying these beautiful Fall days as the trees begin their last performance of the year.

hugs, Deb


  1. They looked like Pierce? Oh my stars! your imagination.

    That mr. tabby is SO handsome...look at that coat! Can't wait to hear what you find out about him.

  2. If your workers look like Pierce Brosnan I think I may have some work that needs to be done .....

  3. I know.....if he stays with can name him Pierce!
    He is cat I mean!

    Linda :o)

  4. The tabby looks in much too good a shape to be a feral cat, so he has to have quarters nearby. You just happen to be one of his stops on his daily strolls.

  5. Pierce Brosnan, in your dreams Deb, but dreams don't harm no one, lol
    Mr Tabby looks well fed, maybe he's like my camper van cat and just likes to be away from home during the day, I'm sure you'll get to the bottom of it, he's a beautiful cat

  6. I agree with the cat Pierce! From my experience, people see a cat that appears well-fed, but they don't realize that catching mice and birds are what keeps the cat's tummy full, not bowls of kibble. If he's neutered, that's a clue but not the end of the story; housecats get 'out' and stay there all the time. May need to put up flyers or knock on neighbor's doors to find out if 'Pierce' really has a home. Just sayin'

  7. mm mmmm hunka hunka.....I can tell you first hand not all builders look like Pierce....but let's just keep that between us! I think it is a wonderful thing you are doing with the old out building. You are keeping the logs and re-building someday. Most people would have just burned that building down, and made me cry! Those logs will be happy again to have life inside them! In the current state it probably wasn't being used at all. If those logs could talk, huh? I love old wood. It's like old fabric to me. I run my hands on it and it transports back to a day when 2x4's were 2x4's and logs were logs and not particle board and such. You can tell I've been building a house way too long!

    Cindy Bee

  8. Well, builders looking like Brosnan is more realistic than them looking like Jennifer Connolly, which is how I like to picture them...

    I would think that if the tabby cat lived in the old coop, he'd be more wary of people. This one must be in daily contact with humans, or at least has been recently. He looks a friendly fellow, that's for sure.

  9. Give me a builder who looks like Pierce Brosnan and I will be the best project supervisor who ever lived! Hope you can find this fellow's home -- or else he may find yours!

  10. The performance is just more than good.Good going