Monday, September 29, 2014

Changing leaves

We were out in the country again today so I snapped a few pictures of the leaves that are in full colour. I love it here in the Fall.

Maple trees surround our little spot and they seem to change in colour at different times. In a couple more days I imagine they will all be at their best. 

No sign of the mystery kitty today. I even walked around looking for him but to no avail. I did spot a black and white one sitting on a wood-pile next door, though.

Kane spent much of his day watching men work.
                                                                  Just chillin'

When we returned home, Audrey was asleep under a blanket in a Fancy Feast chicken and liver cardboard box.
Apparently, from what she tells me, she has been there all day. Well, I'm too pooped to look for evidence tonight. I don't believe a word of it, though.

Did I mention we are having the most amazing Fall weather so far? It's heaven.

hugs, Deb


  1. It's been a lovely few days! Gorgeous fall colours!

  2. Beautiful fall pictures. I love the fall and all of the brilliant colors. Blessings, Catherine

  3. Oh wow, what beautiful autumn colors. I just kept scrolling up and down your post to look at the photos again and again! I love Kane supervising the workers! IN South Africa we had a petite rescue Siamese cat called Chip (as in Microchip) who lay in the garden all day and every day. We dubbed her the Maintenance Manager for Parks and Gardens. Even the two gardeners knew her title! I love Audrey's make-shift bed. Ambrose loves a box too. Have a great day and enjoy that halcyon weather! Greetings Jo

  4. Kane looks so regal in that pose. Handsome boy.

  5. I love those purples in the first few shots...gorgeous!

    Kane is a beautiful that picture!

  6. Beautiful photos of the turning leaves! Kane seems to be doing a good job of supervising...

  7. The weather in southern Alberta has been quite nice, too. It has been warmer than average but has now started to settle into 'seasonal'. That's fine by me. We don't have leaves as beautiful as yours, though.