Monday, September 8, 2014

And the week begins

Well, it was back to the usual after a busy weekend of family get-togethers.
The weather here is at it's best; sunny, a cool breeze and the leaves on our trees are changing colour. How I love this time of year. You can't beat it.

Two of my kitty-clients,  Marvin & Tootsie,  enjoy play-time with their favorite toy called the snake.

And just look at all the sun-puddles for them to nap in today.
Marvin is wondering where to go first.

Hope you enjoyed the weekend where you are.
Just wanted to share one more pic from Gwynn's birthday of her mom and dad and the birthday girl.
I think I need a print of this one.

Tomorrow we are off to our property to do some cleaning up.
Maybe those mystery cats will be waiting for me. :)

I'll have some feline fabulousness to show you soon.

hugs, Deb


  1. I think you need a print of that photo too!

  2. Sweet family and darling little Birthday Girl! BTW, my cat's favorite toy is me. lol

  3. I think I need a sun puddle to take a nap in right now! Great family pic. I like to take those kinds of pics and frame them and hang them up where I can appreciate the smiles.

    Cindy Bee

  4. We used to have a toy like that snake. What happens here is that when our inside cats get tired or stop playing with something, it gets sent out to the outside cats... and I well remember that snake toy being dragged off into the bushes by kittens.

    And yes, you do need a print of that last pic! Precious!

  5. Lovely piccie ...sums up the spirit of the day perfectly.
    Jane x

  6. What a sweet pic, yes you need print of that one!

  7. I'm loving the fall weather and trying to savour every day before the dreaded white stuff falls. The photo is one that needs to be printed for sure!

  8. What an adorable picture. You're a lucky family.

  9. Gwynn looks happy!

    Marvin and Tootsie have it made.

  10. Happy Birthday Sweet Gwynn :)
    And that's really
    Snake ! So long !!!!
    Have a great week Deb

  11. That is such a good picture! You surely do need a print. Gwynn is beautiful!

  12. Happy birthday, Gwynn! Love the dress.

  13. What a wonderful family photo! And I love 'the snake' - my group would be crazy for it!