Monday, September 15, 2014

Autumn colours

Annie's Autumn Photo.
It brings out her 'peachiness'.

She is such a wonderful cat.

Isn't this a beautiful front entrance dressed for Fall?

It's not mine. I just wish it was.

Aren't the Fall colours amazing.
They just can't be beat.

Kane is always part of my Fall decorating.
Here he is in 2010.

And four years later, I'll be including him in a photo again.

Yesterday there was more clean-up at our property.
We piled wood for drying and began some work on the old log building.
Busy hands are happy hands.
And I don't have one bit of guilt over that scrumpdillyishus pumpkin doughnut.

Have a good week, everyone.
I'm off to cat-sit a ginger boy, a calico and a tuxedo girl. =^..^=
hugs, Deb


  1. pumpkin doughnut? where? where? haha....

  2. Annie is such a sweet kitty name! Not many trees have changed color around here yet, but there are leaves beginning to fall. I sweep away the maple propeller seed pods too, just to spoil the 'o' cats as much as I can.

  3. My favorite photo out of all of these beautiful of your sweet Kane. And then there's Audrey....sitting like a princess on top of her pillow! Darling!

  4. Annie and Kane have the purrfect year round Autumn colors. They supply the promise of Autumn all year! Fun door decorations. I used to walk the neighborhood with Mr. Dragon and take photos of the doors from Halloween through Christmas. I might start doing that again.

  5. Good morning beautiful Annie =)
    Kane definitely puts your entryway over the top !

  6. Beautiful pictures .Annie and Kane fit in perfect in the autum colors

  7. Annie seems like such a sweet girl. I would enjoy her company I'm sure. Charlie has been by my side for the last few days while I've been sick. He is such a good companion! I'm finally feeling better and ready to get back to cleaning my home.

  8. Another pretty Lady! What a beauty Annie is! I enjoyed seeing the autumn decorations. We are having a sunny spell in The Netherlands. It feels like Indian summer :-)

    Happy week!

    Madelief x

  9. The autumn doorways are all attractive, but it needs including Kane to make the best one.

  10. Hi Deb...
    Annie has such a unique colouring...very pretty♥️
    Working outdoors is the best, isn't it?
    That is why we love the cottage so much...
    Pumpkin doughnut? Naughty...naughty!
    enjoy your evening...
    Dark and cloudy here...
    Linda :o)

  11. Kane adds dignity and class wherever he is!
    Jane x

  12. I always love seeing pics of Kane. He reminds me of the collie we had when I was growing up.

    Pumpkin doughnuts are one thing, but pumpkin pie definitely grabs my attention.

  13. Pumpkin donuts!!!! The mere thought of them..,,.
    I love seeing Annie. She always reminds me of the Gautier quote
    "Who can believe that there is no soul
    behind those luminous eyes".