Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Long weekend charges

Simba, Albert and Midnight
The curiosity of the cat

Emmi & Di




Well, that was a fun weekend. The top photo is my Abyssinian charmer, Simba and his buddies Albert and Midnight. I love looking after this trio and have cared for them often for many years now. Simba is the most curious of all my charges. Emmi & Didi are cats I refer to as 'the ladies'. They are senior sisters and are living the good life. Two Comfy Cats, they are. Rosie, Lola and Otis are so used to me now that they barely take notice when I suddenly appear and start dishing out the goodies. I get a look of "Oh, you again." and they carry on. There is a lot of comfort in knowing that my kitty-clients are happy and calm in my presence. Sparky is full of piss and vinegar and enjoys a good game of 'throw the mouse into the tunnel'. Be warned...fingers may get chewed on.
Bell & Tigger are two comfy cats who have the luxury of spending time in their closed in porch. They also attack their scratching posts for much of the day. 
Tootsie and Marvin are two black beauties who live in the country and spend most of their day bird-watching through the sun-room windows. 

                                                           Belle & Tigger

                                                                   & Tootsie

and my little hisser, Rosie
Bless her heart, she does not like it when mom travels but we did ok under the circumstances and she is happy mom is home now.

So, once again, a busy long-weekend it was.

Hope you had a fun one.
Today, it's an Audrey day and she's milking it for all it's worth.

hugs, Deb


  1. That's a whole lot of kitty goodness. They look like such characters.

  2. I don;t know if I've ever said this...but I LOVE CATS!
    Jane x

  3. So much kitty cuteness! Charlie is so glad I plan to stay home for awhile!

  4. Busy weekend for you ! All such pretty kitties ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  5. Lucky felines to have such a diligent caretaker :)
    They are so cute.

  6. Aw...I love them all..and their names are a riot. I wish my cats would wear collars and bells...I've always thought that was so adorable!

  7. Oh I adore all these fur babies! I would so love to tag along on one of your daily visits..but your blog allows so many of us to do just that!!! Love this Deb!

  8. Love seeing your clients...wish you lived near by to help me with these kittens! How do I keep my sanity with three?

  9. I love seeing your kitty clients! I wish you lived in my neighborhood, because I am sure you could charm my very shy youngsters out of the closet.

  10. I love all the cats. Doesn't Sparky just look like he is ready to pounce!

  11. Thank you for sharing your 'cat tales' with us. Your clients, both feline & human are very fortunate to have someone so caring & attentive.
    Your photos of the area are so lovely, they remind me of the pictures we have from the years we lived in Ontario.