Thursday, September 25, 2014

In hopes of a cherry pie.

Today we were out cleaning up around the property again and planted the cherry tree from Riley and Bradley. Today is Brad's 2nd birthday so it will be easy to remember the date. We decided to plant it right where the old log building stood. We'll be seeding the ground and adding wildflowers next Spring. I hope this tree loves it out here. I can't wait to bake that first cherry pie for the grand-kids.

Oh yes....we had a visitor. You knew we would, didn't you? Over the stone wall he came when he heard us walking about. I think he looks forward to our visits and watches for us now. The retired-guy thinks he is a girl. Well, it is hard to tell with this cat so I'm sticking with calling him Davey for now. You know...King of the wild frontier. He was such a character today; keeping me amused while I raked & moved rocks around. Look at this mug...
 All you have to do is touch him and he falls over.
I still don't know where he lives for sure but I'm starting to think he might be our next door neighbour. :)
I brought him out some kibble today and he wasn't all that interested. He had two bites and went off in search of a tasty mouse.

"Happy 2nd Birthday to our grandson, Bradley."
These grand-kids sure are growing fast. 
We'll be celebrating on Sunday.

hugs, Deb


  1. Happy Birthday to Bradley!! Davey looks so soft, and quite the interesting marking on his forehead!

  2. Brad eating cake is priceless.
    Happy Birthday to an adorable little guy!

  3. Happy Birthday to Bradley!

    I must think that if your neighbour cat was a stray, he'd look much scruffier, as opposed to sleek. He just likes being out all day and making his - or hers- appointed rounds.

  4. ….gosh that must be one 'devil' of a chocolate cupcake! What a great expression on his face - many, many happy birthdays little Bradley.

    'Davey' is so adorable - and even his tummy is striped isn't it?

    Hope your tree produces many pounds of sweet cherries in the years to come Deb.

    Hugs - Mary

  5. Your new 'neighbor' is both handsome and personable!

  6. Something about little kids eating cake...
    Great fun to watch....I remember my
    daughter and her first cakes....Covered in
    chocolate and icing..! :).
    Happy Burfday....Bradley!

    And, young Davey there...He looks a bit of a
    character....HeHe! Falls over when you touch
    him....mmmmM! Used to go out with a girl like
    that...! :>).

  7. How previous! What a marvelous idea for a remembrance of the old shed/barn! Who wouldn't fall in love with "Davey?" Wishing your little Brad a wonderful and fun-filled the picture!!!!

  8. Happy birthday Bradley! Great that Davey knows you're a cat - lover. He looks so cuddly. I like his markings. Good show on planting a cherry tree! Near our home town in South Africa , there are large cherry farmers. Around October/November there is a famous Ficksburg Cherry Festival. Have a wonderful weekend. Jo

  9. That's one big cupcake, for a little cutie cupcake! I like Davey; a smart cat, keeping an eye on his new friends.

  10. Oh my goodness, Bradley is two already? They do keep growing don't they! Love the cherry tree and your visitor cracks me up. Have a good day!

  11. Davey is adorable!
    Good luck with the cherry tree, I love fresh cherries and miss my trees so much. Just a note, if you didn't know, cherry trees need to cross polinate so hopefully there's another one nearby or that you plan to plant another nearby.
    good luck!

  12. Happy Birthday to Bradley. Hope you have a great celebration. "Davey" is almost as beautiful as Sierra. His markings are wonderful. Hope he is your next door neighbor.

  13. Happy Birthday little cutie patootie!
    Linda :o)