Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It's been an emotional day.

That's putting it mildly.

But all went well. Many logs were saved (75% of them) and as you can see the others were rotted. Most of the rotted ones came from the bottom of the building.
Luke was amazing at removing the logs so carefully. We really did appreciate his work.

Right in the middle of all the commotion and noise I was surprised by a visitor showing up. A very welcomed visitor, that is.
He sat with me as we watched each log be lifted and carefully placed on the ground. I was able to give him a tummy rub today so I know he is very comfortable with us now. He was actually very silly and I appreciated the distraction.

I told him all about my grandmother's cat who he just happens to resemble. How she would hunt in the same area that he has claimed as his little kingdom.

He found my story very fascinating.
Then he wanted another tummy rub.
Which he got. :)

So, that's that. We will be back this weekend to remove all the rubble, and there is lots of it, and take the scrap metal away. The logs will be stacked so they are off the ground for the winter.

Thanks for coming along on this project of ours. The fun part will be the rebuilding of the log structure so it's not over yet. I hope to have a safe and fun log building for my grands to play in and make lasting childhood memories just like I did. I know my grandmother would be smiling down on them. I certainly felt her presence today.

The weather could not have been better. We are in for some summer-like temperatures for the next few days. Hope the sun shines where you are.

hugs, Deb


  1. Hmm, this cat showing up at such a time, and looking so much like your grandmother's cat, and letting you give belly rubs...I'm thinking your grandmother is most certainly watching!

  2. Tummy rubs are always welcome for cats. He knows you're a cat person, so you're good in his book.

  3. I can feel the emotion as each log was plucked up and placed in the stack. Fascinating. (Love a cat who likes tummy rubs.)

  4. Hi Deb,

    Thank you for sharing how this project has unfolded. I have really enjoyed seeing the process day to day. It will be so fun to see you re-build it again next spring.

    Loved your little guy for company today! Sweet.

    Lily, WA, USA

  5. What a precious gift this kitty offered you. I think this kitty needs a name! Glad you had some emotional support for this hard day.

  6. Glad all went smoothly and you were able to save so many logs to re-build with later.
    Yes, Grandmother was certainly checking it all out - and that is such a lovely kitty - I'd give many tummy rubs too!

    Have a lovely few warm early fall days - the chilly ones will soon be here.
    Hugs - Mary

  7. He's a gorgeous cat! Do you think he might be a relative of your gran's cat? I hope he didn't make his home in the old structure.
    Do you think the logs will be safe? No one sneaking onto your land to begin chopping them for wood?

  8. Memories. That's what families are for. And that cat is gorgeous.

  9. The sad part is over. Next will be the joy of seeing the building rise again, study and ready for some new memories.
    Kitties seem to be there when we need them the most! What a great little guy!

  10. You are been watched over,kitty knows that.
    It's going to be wonderful when it's all finished!
    Jane x

  11. How sweet that kitty was there to help you =)
    Love that you are using the original logs!

  12. The end of one era but the beginning of another, and what made one will make the next. It's much the same as one generation of a family giving life to the next. And speaking of families, I wonder if that friendly cat, who resembles your grandmother's, is a relation...

  13. I'm just glad it went well and now you can look forward to a new log structure and your Grands can enjoy it! Love that cat's belly!

  14. I can only imagine how difficult this project has been for you all. It's wonderful you were able to document the transition with pictures. You have lovely memories of the history of this originating with your grandmother. How special. On with life and the new......what a gorgeous kitty! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of it!

  15. Oh Deb.....I love that face!
    Have you thought of a name for his majesty yet?
    So excited for you.....and Grandma♥️
    Linda :o)

  16. Wow -- what a project. You must be exhausted, physically and mentally. But your visitor had to calm the blood pressure this day! What a sweet one. Yes, he's clearly comfy with you!