Sunday, September 21, 2014

Always a pat for her cat

It poured rain today, and other than a little bit of housework, I spent some time looking at sites on-line. This photograph of Tasha Tudor and her tabby cat instantly transported me back to my childhood. My grandmother, who resembled Tasha, would often be spotted in the field next to her clap-board house with her Maggie close by. Maggie was her cat. A cat that had the perfect cat life; outdoors all day hunting and sleeping in the warmth of the sun and inside at night almost disappearing in her owner's apron lap next to the old wood-stove. 

I can picture my gran rocking with her tea in her hand. "Oh she can be such a nuisance" she would be heard saying as she struggled to move her from her lap to stoke the fire.
Then the instant she would sit back down in her rocker, Maggie would leap up and settle once again on her lap. My grandmother's hand would pat her on her head and then settle on her back.
That memory is very vivid in my mind all these years later.

Maggie could have been called a gardener with all the hours she spent helping my grandmother keep her hollyhocks, geraniums, gerbers, pansies and peonies looking beautiful.
I imagine my grandmother would accuse her of being a nuisance then, too, but nonetheless, she always had a smile and a pat for her cat. 

Even though I had been owned by a few cats already in my young life, I think seeing my grandmother and Maggie together really left an impression on me. One that grew with the years and led me to wanting to work with cats.
It was a quiet joy they shared just being together. 
And even as a very young child I understood it.

My grandmother, Mary.
(2nd from the left)
hugs, Deb


  1. Maggie had a perfect kitty life, your grandmother was a beautiful lady, such precious memories.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. What a wonderful post! Aw...such a sweet story of your gran and her kitty.

  3. It's curious how the slightest of things can bring back memories of the past like that.

  4. What a lovely bedtime story for me Deb!

    Linda :o)

  5. Fantastic! Absolutely Fantastic...!
    The top photo...says it all..!

  6. One just never knows where inspiration lies...isn't life marvelous that way?

  7. Thank you for a beautiful post about two wonderful ladies who love gardens, tea and cat companions.
    Tasha Tudor is a lady I have admired all of my adult life. She lived a lifestyle true to her nature and your grandmother sounds like she did also.

  8. And someone probably inspired your grandmother when she was a child, and that person had been inspired. Who knows where or when it started, but it's good that it continues; love for animals, love for plants, love for people.

  9. Who doesn't love Tasha Tudor? And I especially loved your story about Mary and Maggie. It's clear your love of cats was lifelong and bred from a good deal of love.

  10. Such a loving tribute. My grandmother also inspired my deep affection for cats.

  11. Beautiful memories of your grandmother and yes, she does look a lot like Tasha Tudor!

    Happy week Deb!

    Madelief x

  12. So sweet and beautiful post!
    Have a nice week!!!!!!

  13. Those are lovely memories to have of your grandmother and her Maggie :)
    I love Tasha Tudor's art.

  14. Sweet memory of your grandmother. Tasha Tudor was such an interesting woman. I began following her way back before the internet. Love her illustrations and the way she lived so simply and peacefully. ~ Nancy

  15. Your gran does resemble Tasha Tudor!
    T.T.'s birth sir name was Burgess. Might there be a relation?

  16. What a sweet looking Grandma you had, I see a little of the amazing Tasha Tudor (she with bare feet no less!) there. Enjoyed the story of Maggie cat - how spoiled but loved, and how wonderful that you have such clear and beautiful memories Deb.

    Happy Autumn - will be here in less than half an hour!
    Mary x

  17. I don't know how I missed this post. I love it. Tasha Tudor was just so special. I still get her books out and look at the pictures. They inspire me. I wanted to live like she lived. Your Grandma does remind me of Tasha Tudor, she looks very sweet.