Sunday, March 19, 2017

Around the mouse-house today.

A special gift arrived in the mail last week.

Beautiful hand-made greeting cards from the lovely Jeanie at
Aren't they pretty.

"Thank you, Jeanie. It's always so nice to get 'fun mail'."
 I love Jeanie's blog so much.
I hope you drop over and meet her and her lovely Lizzie. You'll be glad you did. 

I was watching over the little birds again today.
The dastardly hawk returned this morning; watching from high atop a maple tree.
I tucked the new platform feeder under a pile of branches so it was hidden and took down other feeders.
The ground feeding birds are at most risk such as the mourning doves and juncos. Even the blue-jays clean up seed off the snow.
They have no protection on the ground. 
The hawk was disturbed by our movement in the window and left.
The birds disappeared quickly and  hid for a few hours.

I'm really getting annoyed with this hawk.

I hate to have to stop feeding for awhile but I may have to.
And for how long?
I don't know.

The sun was so warm today.
And the snow from the last storm is melting fast.
But it could melt faster. :-b
Tomorrow is the first day of spring.

"What the......."

Audrey has a hard time figuring out my style of decorating. It's all useless junk to her. And it doesn't even taste good. Believe me, she tried. "Blah....."

Now this is a treat.

Served up with piping hot coffee at tea-time.

Enjoy the last day of winter, everyone, and maybe indulge just a little.

hugs, Deb


  1. I like that pic of Audrey. She seems to be letting that bunny know that it's time is short. And your treats look delicious!

  2. Happy Spring . Its about time eh ?! Lovely photos . Our hawk finally moved on but not before he nabbed a few birds even if I did take the feeders away he goes right into the cedar hedge and trees and pegs them off so I left the feeders up when prey birds are hungry there really no stopping them from catching our birdies , it's just the circle of life . Oh that cupcake looks YUMMY and with a cuppa of tea or coffee even better ! Our snow is almost gone now just little patches here and there temps are on the + side to . Thanks for sharing , have a good day .

  3. Happy Spring! Oh, that cupcake looks wonderful!
    Love your sweet snail fun!

  4. Audrey and her opinions! Ha ha ha!
    The mouse house is adorable. I love your Easter stuff, Deb!

  5. It's always a pleasant surprise to get "nice" mail =)
    I'm glad you are looking out for the birds on your property.
    Ear scritches to Annie and Audrey!

  6. Cupcake and coffee on blue china, just perfect!

  7. Happy Spring, Deb! Hope your snow melts fast and the sun starts shinin'. Here in southcentral Kansas, we had 90 degrees on Sunday! I hate to think of what the summer brings.
    Love your Easter decorations, they are so cute. With 10 loves inside, I am very surprised and lucky mine haven't obliterated every Easter ornament I've put out!

    Your teacup and saucer are so lovely...

    Enjoy your day and give a squeeze to Audrey and a kiss to Annie, I figure she will let you do that :)

    Glenda from Kansas

  8. You may have to put a roof over your feeders. That's when the small birds are most at risk from the hawk; otherwise, they can hold there own.

    I'm surprised Audrey hasn't tried knocking your decorations off counters and tables, like she does items in the bedroom when you don't get up to feed her fast enough.

    1. I guess it's not quite as effective to be bothered.

  9. Awww. Thanks! I'm glad the hawk is skeptical but I just wish he'd go away for good. It must be stressful for you as well as the birds to worry about him.

    I'm getting Easter out and hopefully photographing and posting soon! It's fun to see my spring things again -- speaking of which, happy spring!

  10. Darn Hawk....go away!
    I want a chocolate cupcake too!
    Happy Spring Deb...

  11. Looks like Audrey watches your every move. She is so funny. That cupcake looks delicious! I was busy with supper late this afternoon when Poppy yelled, COME HERE, QUICK!! LOOK THROUGH THESE BINOCULARS AT THE DEER FEEDER!! There was a huge red tail hawk perched on top of the feeder, watching for a squirrel or dove to stop by. I don't think he ever caught anything.

  12. Oh Audrey - you are so entertaining! Chocolate cupcakes sound so good to me right now. I have hawks, too, and occasionally they get lucky, but my Jays are pretty good about warning everyone when they are around. The Jays will actually imitate the hawk's cry - it's amazing. All the birds will hide when they hear it. If you have Jays they will do the same. xx Karen

  13. Seems like Winter has tried to hold on too long, but it's cannot change to calendar!