Saturday, April 1, 2017

After the storm

It wasn't all that bad.

She fell asleep in order to avoid it so I'll just let her think she slept through the worst storm ever.
When in fact, it wasn't much of a storm at all.

Back to the Easter tree
is still standing.
I added three more baubles
and now it's done.

Annie approves

While Audrey makes plans.
And we welcome April today.
What a beautiful time of year as nature wakes up from it's long winter's nap.
Some places have a bit thicker duvet than others
(like Ontario)
but it will soon appear.
That we can count on. :)

I'm off to welcome a new baby boy into the world.
What could be more appropriate.
New beginnings.

hugs, Deb


  1. Ah! Now! That's what Audrey!x has been waiting
    for...The completed Easter tree...!
    More to knock over and play with..!!! :).
    Bless her..she looks lovely! And, so do you
    Annie!x Bless!x

    ooooO! A new baby boy....sounds good to me!
    Lovely! Best wishes ALL round...!!!
    Don't forget...William is a lovely name! :0).

  2. One wonders how long until the tree is knocked over.

    Audrey looks so innocent when she's asleep.

  3. The tree is charming! Love the little chick! They all look so sweet when they sleep (kitties and children). A new baby boy how exciting! Hugs to all!

  4. Welcome to the world, new baby.
    Your beautiful Easter tree could have been designed specially to tempt cats into mischief. Well done Audrey for resisting.

  5. Such beautiful kitty photos.Hugs and kisses to dear Annie and Audrey! What a darling little Easter tree Deb....I just love it!

  6. Yes, I'd say Audrey is dreaming her very plan this minute :)
    Your Easter tree is so sweet, and welcoming a new baby into the world what could be more special !

  7. Your Easter chicks and eggs remind me so much of Easter way back when I was a child. We would get the cutest little chicks and bunnies in our baskets. Audrey looks like she wouldn't hurt a flea.

  8. Lovely Easter tree . Hope Audrey leaves it alone lol ! Oh Congrats on the new baby for all , isn't spring wonderful ?! Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend Happy April !

  9. Well, new babies are always fun! :)

  10. A big thank you to Audrey for leaving the beautiful Easter tree alone so that all may enjoy. A new baby, well it certainly is the season, mine you I am only seeing all the new baby lambs, the baby calves & keeping my eyes open for the foals. Happy week ahead Deb

  11. We got snow's water cousin. RAIN and a lot of it. Some places in Louisiana and Mississippi got 10 inches. Lots of flooding.

    My husband just texted me a picture of our only poor apple tree. Cracked smooth in two at the base. Bummer.

  12. I spy new glass baubles. Getting cocky, are we? Good luck with that! (I'm sure if nothing has happened by now you'll be home free!)

  13. The snow keeps coming this winter. Well, last year, we didn't get much here, nor the year before that, so I guess we were due. I hope it melts soon so you can enjoy your spring.