Thursday, April 20, 2017

This and that.

The morning started with quick thinking to save a squirrel. 
David, King of the Wild Frontier, or otherwise known as the neighbour's cat, had one of my red squirrels fearing for it's life as it clung to the feeder outside the garage window. There was only one way down, being the pole, and David sat at the bottom with his mouth open. The retired-guy went out the side door coming up behind David and got his attention off the squirrel. I then opened the window and that sent the squirrel sliding down the pole and running for it's life to the lilac bush. I'm pretty sure I saw it wave to me as it ran by. "Sorry David."

Plans are being made for our gardens this summer. The supply of seeds being endless.
Now we need some warmer nights and I'll be filling up the funny little greenhouse. I look forward to having another small space to play. Today it is too cool to play out there but tomorrow sounds promising.
                                                     I wish I could nap like Audrey

I took a walk around the property this morning and all the spring flowers are popping out of the ground. I planted lots of daffodils; some at the front and some around
Kane's grave-site. They should look beautiful soon along with the dog-wood bushes. Pops of yellow everywhere.

Annie had her drains taken out. It was a quick and easy procedure, she didn't even flinch, and now I am sure she feels much more comfortable. 
One more appt. next week and that's it. She will have three more days of medi-cam and two weeks of antibiotics. Because of the antibiotics I have put her on fortiflora, a probiotic supplement. 
Continued prayers for a complete recovery would be greatly appreciated.
                                              Cutest little box of blackberries

hugs, Deb


  1. What a sweet Annie and her sweet Debbie!
    I envy Audrey too! I can only hope I sleep that well tonight!
    My late husband said he would love to come back as a cat, and I totally agree with that, don't you.....of course it would depend if the cat had a good home!

  2. Audrey is doing what I wish I could do,too. With no drugs even. Ms Annie looks good and I'm happy you saved another of God's creatures. Sounds as though God is giving you some beautiful things to take your mind off more stressful things. Praying for you and Annie

  3. Oh! My! When l first saw David...l thought..
    they've shot him..HeHe! Bless!

    Good news about Annie!x So pleased she's on
    the mend, love that red top of hers, l bet
    Audrey!x a bit jealous of it! And, yes continued

  4. No worries my thoughts have been with Annie all along. she looks so comfy in her old box bless her.

  5. David, King of the Wild Frontier looks like he could easily take a squirrel or 2 down.

    You have my prayers for your Annie. What a sweet lady. She looks well loved.

  6. You and Annie will continue to be in my thoughts, best wishes for the little peach and her human mom ;) Take care of your back!
    I see Annie is still wearing her scuba suit, maybe more comfortable than the dreaded cone of shame...?

  7. Wow a busy times around there but, as always, you and the retired-guy (just like us!) made it into the garden and saved another of the precious wildlife visitors! That David needs to stay home.
    Little Annie did well thankfully - hope her recuperation is fast and of course I can see she is getting only the best of care.
    I believe I see a picture of my favorite wren on your wall - I love your house so much Deb.
    Happy weekend ahead - with sunshine for you hopefully. We are very HOT here and had to mow grass again yesterday, things are growing so quickly. One more mow probably before heading off to Italy.

    Warm hugs - Mary

  8. Sweet Annie is in my prayers! Glad you distracted David from the squirrel! I took Sam my Mom's 16 yr old cat to the Vet yesterday. He is doing OK but has to have fluids each week. Keeping him going as long as he is not in pain is important. My Mom and I both love this grand old guy! Hugs!

  9. David seems thoroughly disgusted. :)

    Annie's looking more comfortable. I hope the recovery time goes smoothly.

  10. Brian probably doesn't care that you freed that squirrel; he's an understanding kind of gentcat. Glad to hear Annie seems well. Did you know that there is something weird going on with posting comments on your blog? Sometimes it takes me to strange websites and I have to log off. Maybe it has to do with what the mom at William of Mass Destruction mentioned in her post:

  11. Deb, have you tried clicking on your link: funny little greenhouse? When I did, a new page of advertising popped up. That happened another time previously when I tried to go to one of your linked posts.

  12. Hey, Deb!

    If you have time, I think you would love my video Vladimir Loves Bubbles:

    I hope Annie does well!


  13. Sure makes you feel good to save a little life, doesn't it. I wonder if that little mouse I rescued last summer is still alive somewhere. :). I think your little Peach is sweeter than a box of blackberries. That Audrey doesn't have a worry in the world right now. Oh Deb, my daughter Lynn (a mothers has the cutest video I think you would enjoy. She know how much you love cats. Hope little Annie continues to improve.

  14. I'm glad Annie is doing well. She is such a sweetie. ♥

  15. You are just so good to all your cats AND all animals, including wildlife. I;m sure David forgave you. I love Audrey (but you know that) and pray for a complete healing for Annie.

  16. We have infinite prayers for Annie whenever she needs them or wants them. We recall when you first got her, how all of her fans prayed to help her to get well. And we prayed and prayed that you would keep her with you and you did! This poor little one has had her share of woe in spite of the expert care you've given her. We are thrilled her drains were able to be removed and we ask our Heavenly Father to guide his little furry child through a swift and uneventful recovery.

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  18. Thrilled that she is doing well and will continue to send good thoughts for all of you. I too envy Audrey.

  19. Yikes. Life in the jungle is tough. Glad you saved the squirrel from David. And good news on Annie. Sending hugs.

  20. Cats love squirrels, that is for sure! Mine get scolded regularly for stalking them!

    Glad Annie did well! yay!