Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Waiting on the sun.
                                        the audacious one

The flower nurseries are open now and it's hard to not drop I do.
The funny little green-house is filling up fast. 

 It's time to put up more shelves.
There's lots more seedlings to bring out.
*Bird news*
Our blue-bird house is now 'Occupied.'
It stands only a few yards from the greenhouse.

 You may have noticed those are not blue-birds.
A lovely Tree Swallow pair have moved in. :)
 Here's what they look like.

Aren't they gorgeous.
We are thrilled (to say the least) to have them take over the blue-bird house. They absolutely sparkle in the sun-shine and swoop around the property while hunting for insects.
The retired guy put out a second house in case we still have an interested blue-bird.
We are feeling rather lucky. :) 

Annie has her post-op appt. tomorrow. Stitches will be removed.
Please keep those good thought and prayers coming.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

hugs, Deb 


  1. Sending lots of positive and healing thoughts for Annie Deb!

  2. Wow! That bird is fabulous.

    Sending loads of love and good wishes for Sweet Annie tomorrow. I think of her often throughout the day.

    (And I love your little greenhouse!)

  3. Congratulations on your new Tree Swallow tenants! And your nursery is looking good... as is Audrey's 'happy face'! Will continue to keep Annie in our thoughts and prayers.

  4. You can count on me for prayers, prayers, prayers.
    Take good care of yourself and Ms Annie

  5. Good luck to Annie for tomorrow.

    All cloaked like that, I find myself wondering if Audrey is a Jedi or a Sith.

  6. I love the blue bird house and it's new tenants. I hope you do get blue birds in the other house. Purrs and hugs for Annie tomorrow (oh and a special hug for you Deb).

  7. My thougts are with Annie and you

  8. Yay for Annie's recovery! Isn't it wonderful when a family of birds move in? It makes me want to buy a bird house today!

  9. I love that photograph of Audrey! Thinking healing thoughts about your dear Annie!

  10. Thinking of poor sweet Annie, hoping all is well. I'm curious, do you leave that greenhouse up all winter?

    1. Hi Deborah - no, it comes down in November and put away until spring. I recommend them as they do a great job of housing the seedlings.And it's a fun place to play. :)

  11. Beautiful tenants in your birdhouse. Looking forward to seeing them progress to being parents. Yes lots of prayers & good thoughts for Annie.

  12. What lovely birds. The tops of their heads are almost luminous.

    Annie will feel free after tomorrow. She will recover just fine and be ready to resume her old routines very soon.

  13. We'll add even more prayers for Annie and her suture removal tomorrow. Please give her a kiss and let her know all of her friends, worldwide, will be with her during her procedure.

  14. Purrs for Annie at the vet's tomorrow! The tree swallows are cuties, and how sweet to put up another blue-bird house!

  15. For almost twenty years now we have had two bird houses, away from trees with baffles on the posts, in close proximity to each other. Pretty much every year we get tree swallows in one and blue birds in the other. Apparently blue birds aren't the best at defense and not only will the swallows tolerate them nesting so close but they will actually defend both boxes!
    A long time ago I read that swallows are the Ferraris of the bird world and I think that's a very good description; I could watch and listen to them for hours!
    As always, I really enjoy reading your posts, you bring a little sunshine to my day!

  16. I bought 2 flats of mixed flowers. That's enough for the few planters I do. I get heat tolerant ones and now have all my planters done. Have them on the porch to make it easier to water.