Saturday, April 8, 2017

Calling on the Easter Bunny.

Plans are being made at the mouse-house for the up and coming Easter egg hunt in the woodlot.
Except here, in Ontario, the grounds don't look anything like the photo above.

This is very serious stuff and has to be done right. :)))
And I'm having lots of fun planning. Although I fret a lot. You'd think I would have out-grown that by now. I'm a little impatient.

The sign is up on the one hundred and fifty year old outhouse at the opening to the woodlot.
The OH was washed and scrubbed to an inch of it's life last summer
and now the door always holds some fun whimsy.
The hunt starts here
(but not in here. ;-) 
so we hope the Easter bunny & his pals read this and fill those coloured eggs hidden in the woodlot with treats.

Easter Bunny Stop Here.

We have five egg hunters counting on it.

Since this photo was taken we have lost most of our snow.
Now we need the sun to dry the ground up.
And lots of it.
Yesterday I walked to the stone wall through water, snow and mud.

"Come on, sun."

And no blue-birds yet. :(
(told you I was impatient)

"Wake up, Audrey, and help me fill the eggs."
"You're dreamin' "

hugs, Deb


  1. We are excited for Easter Sunday here also. It's Scouts 2nd birthday and we will have birthday/Easter fun! Hide those eggs and enjoy.

  2. Ah success once again with commenting ... an Easter egg hunt does sound like fun & I read that Sunday is suppose to be a warmer sunnier day (yeah). Your efforts will be appreciated. Sunday we will be celebrating Tartan Day with scones & tea & so will the entire village so I think we will be hunting for a seat to sit :)

  3. sounds like some fun to be had with the easter hunt.
    hope it warms up & dries out for you & the grandittles :))
    hope we get to see some pictures of this hunt too
    lovely post (loved the shiny OH!)
    thanx for sharing

  4. How fun to have an Easter Egg Hunt! If I lived closer I would be there hunting myself. Hope everything dries up in time.

  5. This is so fun....our snow is gone and we finally have dried up a bit....last week we were walking in wet mud. Our kids will find Easter drier in Illinois. Happy Palm Sunday.....keep your eye open for Bluebirds!

  6. Oh Deb....and are both such fun girls! Now I am going to make a wish that the sunshine melts all that snow once and for all!

  7. The kids will have fun doing that.

    I dare you to touch Audrey's paw when it's sticking out from below anything.

  8. Hope you have a dry week. We're getting rain for most of it! At least we have sun today!
    Your Easter egg hunt sounds so fun. Mud or not, the kids will love it!

  9. Oh, this looks so fun! Our neighbors have an egg hunt in their back yard garden which is really pretty but having it in a wooded area offers so much more opportunity! I love the outhouse as a starting point. Maybe the snow will be all gone -- I hope you don't place the eggs and it snows again! (Tell Audrey to get the lead out!)