Saturday, April 15, 2017

Easter week

                   The week in photos.
Audrey waiting for company.

Spring weather, time with friends and the first egg-hunt at the mouse-house. The weather could not have been more perfect. Such a fun lead-up to Easter.

My lovely friend, Susan.
I call her Martha because she is a fabulous cook.
We started the week with her delicious brunch.

First Annual Egg-hunt at the mouse-house
There were certainly signs that the bunny was by.

All the grandittles heading in to the woodlot

That busy Peter Rabbit left one hundred eggs for the kiddos.
Great start to the Easter weekend.
So fun.
I have some news on our little blue-bird house.
(stay tuned)

We wish you all a very "Happy Easter."

hugs, Deb


  1. Delightful post, thankyou and enjoy the rest of your easter.

  2. Happy Easter, Deb! The Easter bunny was sure busy at your house!
    Purrs and hugs ....

  3. These are the cutest photos ever! What adorables you have, especially the ones with the ears! And those tulips look so pretty in that cheerful yellow jug. Definitely Easter (and a pretty day to boot -- at least so far!)

  4. Oh Deb! Happy Easter to you! The Easter egg hunt looks like such fun. You have a beautiful family! I sure miss having all the family here for holidays. Poppy used to enjoy putting a little money in the plastic eggs and hiding them too. They grow up way too fast. Happy Easter!

  5. So sweet! I love seeing the Grands hunt eggs! Happy Easter! Scout will turn 2 tomorrow also!


  7. That bunny was certainly busy - and the children look adorable. Glad you had a sunny day for the hunt - I bet Simon wondered what the heck is going on up there!
    Looking forward to 'bluebird news' - I'm still not certain if mine have nested yet in my birdhouse, but the chickadees are definitely on a nest in that little hanging porch nest box again - year after year, just amazing!

    Happy Easter - hope the sun is warming and the day is beautiful for you and the family - including the 4-legged members, haha!

    Hugs - Mary

  8. Happy Easter! Such fun seeing the traditions passed on along the line. Your grandchildren obviously had a wonderful time - makes all that preparation work so worth while. Enjoy the rest of your celebrations.

  9. Wonderful photos , Looks like all had a great weekend there to . I am soo loving this warmer sunny weather this weekend here we have already cut our grass and the temps hit 22C or more , I have been in my gardens mostly getting a jump on things for the season . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

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  11. Hello Deb. such beautiful photos ... it is looking clear & crisp in your part of the world. Happy Easter to you & yours Deb. I always love my visits to your blog. Happy Easter to the furry ones too xxxx

  12. Deb, your grands are growing so quickly and what a lovely weekend with them. Mine were here in March, but it was a quiet Easter...other than doing yard work! Can't wait to see the Blue Bird houses, we've had large groups of Goldfinches visiting.

  13. What a busy and fun day for all the tiny ones. And it looks like the bigger people enjoyed it, too.

  14. All the photos are just great! The little ones look so very sweet. I cannot believe Audrey is sitting there near the plants! My cats would tear them up. Sigh. I miss having house plants!

  15. Just lovely glad we chose Friday as well...
    Linda :o)