Monday, April 10, 2017

Outside work is no work at all.

We spent the morning cleaning up the wood-lot; raking and getting paths made for the Easter egg-hunt.
It was our first gorgeous spring day today.
Hours just flew by.

Who needs to go to the gym.

We needed to pick up branches, trim vines and make the paths safer for excited little three to six year olds.
If I was the Easter bunny, I'd use the old stone wall to hide a few coloured eggs.
Now we pray for sun.
Simon found us very entertaining.

"They've gone mad back there."

Here's a little flash-back...

It's lilac time at the farm and these are my three children, John, Jess & Allie at the old white pump. This photo was taken around 1990. The old farm house had burned down in the '70's but my mother continued to grow a vegetable garden on this land every summer and the kids loved to come out to run around and play and visit with their grandmother.
note...I can't be blamed for Allie's dress. She used to dress herself from age three and I don't have a clue where that dress came from. lol
I wonder if Simon's ancestors were under the pump back then.
To think...

They loved this land as kids and they and their children love it today. And, of course, Forrest, our grand-dog, too.
I hope our lilac trees blossom again like they did back then.
It will soon be time to get a pic of the grandittles at this very same pump. And maybe a re-do of my favorite three people in this world.

Simon thinks..."Sure, bring them around and be sure they have some peanuts." :)
"You're shameless, Simon."

hugs, Deb


  1. Oh, that Simon is SO CUTE! And your kiddos were even cuter, of course!

    I'm thinking that you there in Ontario have better weather this week than we do here in Nebraska. Will be freezing tonight so my daffodils will be drooping.

    Will be looking forward to seeing your "grandittles" pics by the old pump. Know you'll have so much fun with all of them.

    Nebraska ><>

  2. You certainly did a lot of work. Everything looks great. What a wonderful picture of your kids. For sure it would be fun to have them pose in the same place and take another one now.

  3. I can feel the excitement in the air! It all looks wonderful after your hard work. (Be truthful, though, you really couldn't have done it without Simon's supervision and direction. ;) He is a gorgeous little creature.
    Your young ones were so cute!

  4. You need a backpack power blower. The commercial lawn people use them to blow leaves, grass and stuff.

    We use ours all the time to blow off all the stuff that get's blown onto our porch that is all the way around the house.

  5. Simon has such a darling little face. And those little hands! Too cute! It's really interesting to realize that your land may be Simon's ancestral land too, isn't it.
    Any photos of you as a child at the pump? You, your kids and the grands all in the same spot. What a great photo grouping that'd be.

  6. Cute pic of your 3 treasures!
    We are in charge of the egg hunt, too.

  7. Love that you....your kids...and grandkids LOVE this place!!
    So many memories to be made...
    Have a wonderful egg hunt...I know you will have a fabulous day.
    Raking is very therapeutic...don't you think???
    We did our fair share at the cottage this weekend...
    Always looks so great when you are done!
    We saw our wee SIMON too...sitting INSIDE one of my feeders, chowing down!
    Have a great week Deb!!
    Linda :o)

  8. Ooh, I so wish we had chippies in our, well...then again, The 'O' Cats probably would enjoy chippies a little TOO much.

  9. It's wonderful to ancestral land to receive and pass on. I'm envious!

  10. Adorable! Hope the weather is perfect!

  11. I think it's marvelous that you are building this amazing memory for your grandlittles! How special to be on the hunt here!

    And Simon is so darned cute and friendly. He knows you are the chipmunk whisperer!

  12. Lovely photos and post . Glad all your snow is finally gone and it has warmed up there now for you to get out and enjoy . I know being outside doing yard work isn't like work to me at all either they say if you love what you do it isn't work right ?! I have my two Alvin and Theodore running about today busy busy . I bet you and the kids will have a blast Easter egg hunting there I know I would . Thanks for sharing , have a good week .

  13. Simon is a cutie.
    The Easter egg hunt sounds fun =)

  14. How lovely to see your beautiful children when they were little on your land.
    Simon seems to be getting quite game now - he really is so cute. Deb, have fun doing the egg hunt come Easter - the younger kids always have such fun doing that.
    BTW, from your pix of the landscape I can really see just how far behind Spring is in your area compared to here - sending green thoughts, pink and purple flowers, and a bucketful of pollen your way!!!

    Hugs - Mary

  15. lovely photos, great tripping down memory lane & agree you should do a threesome, is there any of you at the pump too? that would make a wonderful photo!
    it's great to see Simon out & about too, wonder if he has family now?
    enjoy your easter hunt!
    thanx for sharing

  16. Simon says "..."
    How cute is that face- God is so good to bless us with
    wee animals,pets and grandittles

  17. Love the trail-busting photos Deb, those grandchildren will have a blast !
    I loved Easter egg hunting with my grandchildren, such a fun time with family and friends.
    Your little Simon is quite the character, I'm happy to see he has emerged from his winter hobbit house, to once again enjoy your hospitality :)
    Thanks for sharing your lovely post.

  18. No work at all? Tell that to my aching muscles and the giant blister on my hand from raking! :) Nice to see Simon again, I've missed his cute face!

  19. Its nice that you are still cool enough for Easter that you don't have to worry about snakes or ticks in the woods... Its much too warm here in Arkansas for that... I be the kiddos will have a blast! Hugs! deb

  20. Deb, I just love this! My sweetie, Jason, has lots of trees on his property, and we made a little path through them that we keep clear. It is the first time I have gardened in such an atmosphere, so I loved seeing your pathways. You have a way with things. Your children look so sweet. I hope you have a great rest-of-the-week! xo Lynn

  21. I can't help but be excited and happy for you! Sounds like spring is about there. Isn't it fun to finally be able to work outside again. You're right about it being no work at all. I just love the picture of your children. All three of them are beautiful! Can't wait to see the Lilacs in bloom again. Love, Henny

  22. We are glad that Simon is out enjoying the sunshine. It does sound like hard work as you have a lot of land but you take great joy in living there and sharing it with your lovely family.

  23. That looks like a lot of work! And we bet it'll all be worth it. That Simon, he's a character! Have a wonderful Easter!