Thursday, May 10, 2012

Special ladies in my life

My Aunt Frances, My grandmother, My godmother, Aunt Vera and my mom.
Special ladies in my life.
I expect they were in their 40's in this picture. My grandmother would have been 70 something. 4 women who raised families, worked hard all their lives and laughed even harder. They loved a good joke, family gatherings and a hot cup of tea. All four were great cooks, loved to bake and had the most beautiful gardens and vegetable crops you have ever seen.

 It was always a treat to sit at a table with these three sisters and listen to all the old stories that were still fresh in their minds and meant something very personal to them.
We would gather at Vera's, put on the tea, grab the cookie jar filled with home-made peanut butter cookies (her best) and sit for an hour of pure entertainment.

Even a little card table would do fine for these ladies as long as there was a good, hot pot of tea close by.

            My grandmother, Aunt Vera, cousin Leslie, cousin Cheryl, my mom & Aunt Francis.

Stories of them growing up on the farm, finally getting to the big city, falling in love and raising their kids.
 I was about 20 when I last had the opportunity to join them on a Sunday afternoon. All four sitting at the table was a special treat for me. I moved to Toronto with work and weekends home were rare.
I still remember the last time we all gathered.  My grandmother was in her 90's and still joined us at the table.

The next time I came home it was for my grandmother's funeral. It was a very sad day but it was so wonderful to see how these three women were there for each other. They had so many memories to share of their mom. They were strong women and they were proud of their roots and their heritage.

All but one has now passed away. I wish my Aunt Frances, 92 years old and a mother of 8 a very Happy Mother's Day.

My favorite photo of my mom as a young woman.

Yes, she loved her cats, too.

hugs, Deb


  1. Hi Deb: What a great tribute to these strong ladies. You have so many interesting pictures and I thought it was just beautiful..Happy Mother's Day..Judy

  2. What wonderful memories!
    I could tell right away which one of the ladies was your mother...
    Thanks for sharing! HaPpY Mother's Day!

  3. a wonderful tribute to these women. I am sure they are smiling down on you now.. I loved the pictures and the teacups are so pretty. have a beautiful weekend. xo marlis

  4. It is good to remember all the strong women in our lives, and who have gone before us. I used to love the family christmas that we had, where old aunty and uncles sat and talked while all the cousins played together.

    Have a lovely Mothers day Deb.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  5. Wonderful memories you have of your tea moments with your grandmother, mother and her sisters. The memory of this nature are treasures to carry in your heart. I wish you a nice weekend Zinnia

  6. Lovely post, Deb. Such beautiful memories of your special ladies. Happy Mother's Day to You!

  7. Loved this post, Deb. Beautiful pictures. How blessed you are to come from a wonderful family. Have a great weekend and a Happy Mother's Day.


  8. I love your description of the four ladies: " they worked hard alll of their lives and laughed even harder". Just knocked me over, it did. They just don't make 'em like that anymore.

    All of those beautiful tea cups are making my head swoon!I want to just jump through my computer screen an be surrounded by them. They've taken my breath away!

  9. In these days when Hollywood tells us a woman needs a sword or pistol in her hand in order to be strong, it's good to recall the days when strength meant what was inside a person, how much they could do for others and how well they stood up for themselves.

    Your mother in the first picture looks quite like you.

  10. Lovely memories indeed. Beautiful pictures and precious memories.. Hugs GJ xx

  11. We all certainly have a lot of ladies to be grateful to and thankful for. Happy Mother's day to you! Enjoy your weekend.