Wednesday, November 23, 2011

1st Snow

We have snow.

Today was a day of Christmas shopping in the little town of Almonte with my friend, Martha. I love this town. It has many unique little shops and the service is so personable. Only 15 minutes from my home. The snow put us in the Christmas mood.

I saw a store cat. Where? In the window, of course.
I said "Hi". She said "Hi" back.

Came home loaded down with gifts and a Michael Buble Christmas CD for me.
The kittens and I will enjoy that tonight. Other people in this house don't care for his music. Pft! What does he know?

He's busy anyway. It's time to prepare the decorations for lighting up the house. Our little town parade is coming this weekend.

I want the outside of the house to look amazing. We're no 'Grizwold's' but we love lights.
This little reindeer came home with me today. Couldn't leave him, he was just too darn cute.

Some of us don't care about that stuff.
It's more important to rest after a big run in the 1st snow of the year.

 I'm walking on egg shells with the kittens. I sure hope this food works. Baby steps,  I always say. Now, where is that CD?

hugs, Deb


  1. oh the snow sure is pretty...and love all the photos..what is wrong with the kittys that they need special food? I ask as we have a kitty that is allergic to regular food and she is on a no grain food that we get at the vets..she gets like black heads under her chin..and she is on prednisalone (?) for it..has been since she was a kitten..

  2. I'm sorry friend, but we are so happy you got the snow and we didn't. Great pictures.

  3. I'm about ready for some Christmas music and I like Michael Buble!!

  4. Snow! And your beautiful little towns! Gosh, I envy you!
    FYI. My vet was giving his dog premium dog foods and the dog had GI issues (loose stools and gas). To make a long story short, these premium foods proved to be much too rich for the dog. So he started feeding some really basic dry food and the dog is now forming stools and doesn't have gas anymore.
    We have a radio station here that goes to an all Christmas format in December.
    Love it! I'm mad for Christmas music. Lots of love.

  5. Love the pic of Kane snoozing. OUr dogs LOVE snow and get very excited about the first snow. Sounds like it will all melt today!

  6. Beautiful photos, Deb! Our visit definitely put us in the holiday spirit and little towns have such charm to add.

    Tom, Mittens & Julie

  7. Love your snow and decorations! It really looks very festive!

  8. Seems everyone is blogging about our snow. Maybe we really wanted it to make us feel more Christmas-y? Love you cat in the window series. I have been photographing some of them too...always nice to see.

  9. Pure Joy my friend...we had snow but ours is all gone! Your images are darling today..gets me excited about Christmas. xoxoxo

  10. Hi Deb,

    My cat Toonses has had intestinal issues for years and the vet put her on many different "vet" foods to try and fix it to no avail. Finally one week I just did a ton of research online and read about how cats weren't supposed to eat grains.
    Now Toonses is on the Go Natural Grain Free (same company as the Now you are using) and she is in perfect health with NO diarrhea. Took 5 years.
    I am sure your kitties will respond well to it as well.
    Good luck!

  11. Do you have snow ??!!
    In south parts of Sweden where I live we haven´t any snow yet :(
    So mom hasn´t got into the christmas mood yet ;-)