Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Log Farm

It was a cool, over-cast day so after cat-sitting, the retired-guy and I headed over to  The Log Farm to check out their goods before they close down for the winter. This place is fabulous and I recommend you drop in if you are ever in the Lanark area. If you drive from Ottawa it is about 45 minutes west.

I was looking for dishes.

Gary was looking for lamps and lamp shades.

I found lots of cats.  

3 to be exact.
Gorgeous, old spoiled cats. They have a good life here. They actually live in the barn but it is a clean, large barn with heat-lamps for the kitties. They also love to lounge on the beautiful, farm-house porch.

Well, I found dishes.

Came home with 2 creamers. Both $2.00.

Gary found a lamp that I will put away for him for Christmas. $100.00. I'd say I am the better thrifter although Shirley, the owner gave him a good deal. He is so happy with this lamp. He is polishing and cleaning it up as I type this. I have to remind him I am putting it under the tree for him....ya right!

The Log Farm is open from April thru to December. Love this place.

Ed ate lunch with his friends today. He walked from his bed to the kitchen without falling once and was able to  hold himself up while he ate. I can't believe the determination of this old guy. The day this happened the vet looked at us and said "I'm doubtful because of his age". We left the clinic with a very heavy heart. We have had many cats that have left this earth because it was their time. They were old and sick. I couldn't fathom saying goodbye to Ed because of a stupid accident. We are so happy I can't put it into words. Our beautiful Ed is on the mend.
He'll be awhile looking gimpy but that's ok.

I'm heading out for my 2km walk with Kane. I will smell the air,  feel the breeze, hear the geese, feel the sun & enjoy what's left of the Fall trees. The heaviness in my chest is gone and I am so thankful.

Hugs, Deb


  1. I'm happy to see beautiful Ed is on the mend, he knows he's on to a good thing and has no intention of leaving :)

    I had to catch my breath when I saw your pictures of the Log Barn, so beautiful, I have always wanted to live in one, an old one, just like this one.
    They seem to have lots of great things and resonable prices, only wish I lived closer :)
    You are having a great weekend !

  2. I'm glad to hear he's doing better. I would think he's on the right track now.

    I still feel so much guilt over one of our cats...Rosa. She seemed fine and then stopped eating. We took her to the vet and he felt her belly and drew some blood. We waited and the blood work came back fine. She still wouldn't eat. So, he took an X-ray and she had broken ribs! We were picking her up, the vet felt her belly, and she never reacted or let on that she was hurt. We had an appointment set up to see a surgeon the next day when she suddenly had trouble breathing. We rushed her to the emergency clinic, but she died in spite of all their efforts. If only I had known sooner that she was hurt she might have been saved. We have no idea how her ribs got broken. She was an inside cat and we saw or heard nothing. I'm assuming she must have gotten up on something and fell. She was overweight and maybe she lost her footing or balance. It would be so much easier if they could speak and tell us what's wrong.

  3. The vaseline and carnival ware is gorgeous! I love colored glass. Junking is so much fun.
    Hurrah for Mr. Ed, I am so happy that he's on the mend, for you and for him.

  4. Just look at our wonderful boy! I am so happy for him that I'm crying! We continue with our prayers for this brave and determined fellow and give thanks for the progress he has made thus far.
    All of our love to you, Ed. You are one special kitty.

  5. Yea.... so glad your pretty boy is improving!!!

  6. I too had tears of joy seeing Ed eating. so what if he is gimpy, I'm sure he doesn't mind. I am so very happy for him, and for you.

    I was shopping today and I came across a slew of white dishes that I knew you would like. So odd to be thinking of my fellow bloggers while out shopping :)

    and is that a pumpkin in that last shot of dishes on the top shelf? even if not, it is pretty.

  7. yea for Ed!! Makes me happy to hear he is mending, I won't stop praying though.

  8. Dear Deb, I'm so happy for you and for ED. Nothing else much happier as long as you still know you have each other : ) I do more purrs for ED.

    And Dear Deb, I wanna be Barn Kitty !!! OMC !!! I'm so jealous their life !!!

  9. I am so happy that Ed is doing the kittys on the porch..they remind me of my poe.;) have a wonderful sunday:>)

  10. Anyplace with cats is a wonderful place to me--I like the log farm!

  11. So glad to hear that Ed is doing better, and hope that he continues to heal quickly. He is such a large part of your heart.....

    What a nice life the barn kitties have, I adopted one years ago, she loved houses better then barns.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  12. I am just so happy Ed is doing well. Just a grand ole guy and not his time yet! :) Love the Log Farm and always fun to find some treasures! hugs, Linda

  13. Wow. great place! I'd love to check it out sometime.