Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oh my goodness, what have we here on White Wednesday.!

Remember this quaint Victorian home I showed you a few posts back. This is the one that I mentioned had burned inside and then was restored by a couple who turned it into this charming home. Well, I drove by it today

and look what I spotted

Did I not say that the only thing that would make this home even sweeter would be to have a beautiful cat in the window? Yes, indeedy I did. "Hello Gorgeous"

I'll have to walk by soon and get a blog-worthy photo. These were taken from the car.
Don't worry, no cars were comin' and I had one eye on the road. (eeek)

Sierra never ceases to make me laugh.
She has completely destroyed the last box she made into a bed and has taken up with this new box. She will sleep in it for a few days then, in one full-swoop, rip the daylights out of it and be done with it.
"Just warming it up"

A little update on the kittens.
The no-grain has made no-difference so far. This morning the results from the night were grim. It is Audrey that I worry about the most. She seems to have the most problems with food. I'll keep you posted and thank you to all who gave me suggestions for the kittens. I guess I'm not alone with the wonders of feeding cats the right food for their systems. Persevere.

It's snowing!

hugs, Deb


  1. that house IS purrrrfect! What a beauty the kitty and the house are! We had a dusting of snow about a week back but now are expecting near record temps for American Thanksgiving tomorrow and Friday...crazy ole Michigan :D. Have a blessed Wednesday! Sue and Rosie.

  2. good eye to have spotted it. and great photos, even more impressive that you were in the car :)

    Sorry that grain free isn't working as quickly as you might have liked. It may just take time, or it may be they have a gut imbalance, they might have a chicken or other common protein allergy, if they haven't had a fecal done in a while it wouldn't hurt to have that tested again to rule out parasites that might not have been shedding the first time. Digestive enzymes - Bug was on Panacare - might also help. I think long time diarrhea is second only to breathing issues in how quickly it can become frustrating..

  3. Love the cat in the window and it's white! Purrfect for sure! Poor kitties, I know this is so hard to find the right food. Good luck! Sierra makes me smile! hugs, Linda

  4. Oh what a gorgeous white kitty and now it is a home. You did well with the picture. I hope you can sort the kitties tummies soon.. Hugs GJ xx

  5. Hi Ms. Deb we love meeting new furiends. You look like a very nice cat sitter...your clients are quite lucky. Yes indeed any home is prettier with a cat in the window!!!
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  6. Ha..Ha...Ha Sierra, I just fall in luv with you right now...So Cute !!!!

  7. Sierra cracks me up! Yup - that beautiful house is perfect now with a kitty in the window. :)

    Enjoy your snow Deb. Ours is just about all melted. Woot woot!

    xo Catherine