Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lazy Sunday

The parade was fun last night. Believe me, Riley does not really have red eyes.
Today it rained so it was a day to decorate and eat. Those pumpkin muffins are going fast. I love our entrance to be very decorated for the holidays. These little wooden ornaments are my favorite and this year I will add to my collection. Riley will loves these, I'm sure.
I spent a lot of the day just 'chillin'.  I'm preparing a corner for our table tree this year. Can you imagine me with just a tree on a table. Last year our tree was the largest we have ever had; close to 10 feet tall.
I'm looking forward to a small tree just loaded to the top with ornaments. Little twinkly lights at the skirt and all the gifts tucked under the table. Just something different. I'll have a tiny one in the kitchen too. Better get goin.....

Here is my stairway done up with garland and a few Santas' for Riley. Since Annie & Audrey like to play on the stairs I'll be putting them away again until Christmas eve.

It's been a fun, lazy kinda day. The retired guy's cookin' tonight.

hugs, Deb


  1. That Riley just gets prettier each time I see her! I am just staring my Christmas decorations but I am so excited and hope to have lots done this week! hugs, Linda

  2. Your decorations ar eloping lovely Deb! And it looks like a rosy cheeked family above. And I think your muffins look yummy below!
    xo Catherine

  3. What a beautiful little girl Riley is, I can only imagine the endless pleasure you get from spending time together.

    The stairway looks magnificent,all thos elittle santa's and wooden ornaments.
    I remember my granchildren having a favorite wooden cat ornament, I still put it within reach of the bottome of the tree, despite them being grown now :)
    Lovely memories you are creating.

  4. Oh, I like that greenery! I bet your cats like it too!

  5. oh I love your decor already..we are only doing a little tree if any..(we have one on the kitchen counter and that might be it) as the littlest kittys are having way too much fun tearing up the joint..and its okay this year..I want simple..;) have a wonderful are the kittys doing on their new diet?