Friday, September 3, 2010

No CATastrophes, please

I'm in the throws of concentrating on all the details of selling a small business. I hope I get through this with no CATastrophes.
I have a renewed energy since I have been adding an hour walk before breakfast. It's amazing how it rejuvenates you. Poor Kanie, he can't go because it is already too hot at that time but tomorrow it cools off and I can bring him along then. He gets so miffed when I sneak out on him.

It's a surprise to me how many people are out there early either biking, jogging or power-walking.And I get to see so many kitties lying around on their porches and of course, I have to stop to greet them if they are on the sidewalk (which many are) Sometimes they watch me from a window.This is a small town, remember. Back home to a delicious breakfast.

 and removing a very naughty kitty from my dining-room table.(When nan's away, the cats will play)

She is the colours of Fall.

 (how do you stay mad at this)

If you love dishes like I do, you may have noticed I have a lot of white ones. If I had my way most of my home would be white. I love the colour. Now when you live with 5 cats and 2 visiting the thought of white furniture, cushions, carpets etc. leaves you feeling a bit leary.  I try to add white where I can but it is usually with an ornament or dish. What else is a girl to do? Do any of my blogging friends have mostly white in their home along with pets? Pray tell, how do you keep things clean and fresh looking?  I have a busy weekend ahead with cat-sitting and that includes caring for the bunnies. Gary & I were out for dinner & we'll see the family on Monday for a get-together. This weekend will fly like they all do. I will be checking on the status on Bella and let you know. There's also little Belle at the animal shelter. Keep her in your thoughts as she too still needs a home. How can a beautiful white cat be passed by for so long.?
  I can't be the only one that loves white cats.

Happy Saturday Everyone =^..^=


  1. Love all of your cat photos! I am one crazy cat lady. If I was there, I would work with you! Your kitties are so sweet! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment!

  2. Somehow, I knew before I saw the photo, it was gorgeous Rae Rae :)...Hoping Belle finds a home soon...Have a great time on your morning walk with Kane tomorrow=you might not get to greet too many kitties!

  3. Rae Rae could rob a bank and get away with it...just lookit that lil face!

    Our last house was all in shades of white. I would NOT recommend it! It was a whitemare to keep it pristine with Cats and children. Do up one room, just for you, and keep it under lock and key!

    Our present house is very colorful, but we have all the ceilings bright white which we love.

    Happy Caturday!

  4. Not a lot of white here and I only have Charlie!

  5. Loved the cat house below...crazy! I love white cats too, I had one once, his eyes were sky blue and his legs were long and he had 6 toes on each foot! :D

  6. I just love seeing all your sweet kitties. I do have a lot of white and light colors in my home and I also do a lot of cleaning up cat hair! Gabby's gray hair is the worst, but I love her so much and just can't get made at her.