Wednesday, September 22, 2010

White Wednesday

Lily wants to join in with 'White Wednesday'

Not all kitties can drink milk. Providing fresh, clean water everyday is important. If your cat is not drinking it's water or if you just want your cat to drink  more water here are a few tips to help that happen.

1. Move the water dish. Place it across the room from the food dish.
2.Provide many bowls of water here and there.
3.Offer moving water. Cat fountains can be purchased at all pet stores.
4. Add water to food.
5. Buy new dishes and be sure the water dish is big enough that the cat's whiskers are not touching.
6.Bait the water.Add a little tuna juice or milk replacer or gravy to add flavour to the water.



  1. The prettiest white in blogland is Miss Lily!

  2. These are very good and very important points! Thanks for sharing them! Our cats are lucky to have 3 water bowls all in different rooms which is almost constantly being refilled daily. Believe it or not, they like drinking out of a large coffee cup the best. We tried a waterer but they preferred the old fashioned cup instead.

  3. She's so pretty and I can't believe she can drink milk.
    My kitties love for me to turn on the bathtub faucet so they can drink the water. So cute.


  4. What a cute white wednesday post! And those are great tips - we just added a fountain and it really is good for getting them to drink more!