Wednesday, September 1, 2010

And now we are friends & Beautiful Bella

Yesterday was my last visit with Dominique. Up until this week she has always been a little stand-offish although would let me pet her. This time we really bonded. She loved to lie on the floor and have a back massage while I read. I feel we are great friends now.

"Oh ya, right there."

Now this is not what I had originally planned to do on my blog but sometimes you have to help when help is needed. There are so many beautiful cats that are up for adoption in our area (as in all other areas, I'm sure) This is Bella that was posted a few days ago and she is still waiting at our pet-store in our town to be placed with a new owner. A little sad she was today so I popped her in my arms and the salesgirl took this picture so I am sending out a plea on my blog to help find her a home.

Bella is 4 years old, a pastel calico, spayed, micro-chipped and would do best in a quiet home. Her tail can be used as a duster when she is not grooming it. It is some 'floofy tail'
If you look closely, there is another lady behind me that I will feature next time I am in the store. She is a long-haired black bombshell.
I am off now to pick up keys for the long-weekend kitty-sittin'. I do plan to have a bit of a holiday myself, I could use it. Think I'll pop up to Toronto next weekend and visit with my friend, Mary. It's her birthday and Toronto is a great place to celebrate. Ya! Shopping............. 


  1. So hoping BELLA will find a home! She is a beauty and reminds me of Emily who we lost last summer.

  2. Hoping Bella finds a happy home soon; she is a gorgeous girl with a sweet face...Happy Wednesday, Deb.