Saturday, June 23, 2018

We welcome those sweet days of summer.

Summer has arrived.
The baby birds are heard calling for their dinner.
The daisies are blooming
The gardens are in full bloom.

Here are a few regulars around here.
Not a day goes by without a visit from Dave.

Mama House Wren is as busy as a bee with her noisy babies. 

She is such a good mama.

And we feed this little newcomer every morning
although the crows find him most annoying.
I know Henny will like him.
She'll want me to name him.

The two munchkins get along fine but sometimes Annie steals the Wilson box and he falls to pieces.

He, as in Wilson, likes to lick  the back of dining chairs. Don't ask me. I seem to always adopt the strange ones. Well, they need homes too. lol
He is a real gem, really. Sweet on the inside, like marshmallow, and a cutie like no other.
He has a gentle spirit. He's huggable but don't lift his feet off the ground; he turns into a wiggly worm and squeals like a girl. =^..^=

he loves tissue paper
                                                   He has me wrapped around his paw.

We are still working on the house, tending to gardens, trimming trees, moving dirt and building a berm at the back of the lot. It's a smart way to use up the dirt from the foundation and give the property a bit more interest. And we need to find a home for many huge rocks.
We all have lots to do now that summer has arrived.
But some days I just want to pick the daisies. :)

be kind,


  1. Wilson sounds like a he is a lot of fun! Our two cats also love tissue paper. They can play in it and run through it for hours and then of course fall asleep in the middle of it. I wasn't sure what a berm was and looked it up - one definition said it was a defense against tanks! I hope that is not an issue for you! Ha! It does sound like some nice landscaping that will give many opportunities for outdoor decorating. I sure love that picture of the tractor and daisies!

  2. HeHe! Had to chuckle..Wilson licking the backs of
    the dining chairs..perhaps he's addicted to the
    polish you use Deb..! :).
    And, Annie stealing his box..falling to pieces..
    Bless!x I'd like to see that..! :).

    Once again ALL looks lovely..over here
    we're welcoming a couple of weeks of 'HOT'
    weather..up in the 30' trying to get things
    done as early as possible! Making sure the plants
    and hanging baskets have plenty of water...! But!
    The grass is starting to go brown...Oh! Well.....
    must'nt grumble..! :o).

  3. awww baby birdies! what a treat!
    Dave is looking well
    cute rabbit
    Wilson has you pawed :))
    daisies are beautiful!
    thanx for sharing

  4. Hey, I love tissue, too! Wonderful collection of photos. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  5. Ah the tales of Wilson, he has settled in so well being one of the tribe. Annie just needs to be sure he understands who runs the place! One of fur girls loves her tissue paper & we keep a supply of white tissue paper for the games. Your jug of daisies says summer. We have no bunnies this year. :(

  6. Life is good and Wilson seems to add more to it. So glad you gave him a good home. Summer is a busy time!

  7. Have a great Summer Deb...
    Linda :o)

  8. I love that you cat loves to lick the chairs we have one that licks everything walls fridge clothing she is so funny to watch and the other likes to pick at our shoes. Cats are so much fun to watch Have a great day

  9. Oh and I do like him Deb! I'm surprised that you haven't given that bun bun a name yet. :) Speaking of names, Wilson is the cutest name ever, and is perfect for your new kitty. Can't help but smile every time I see it. That old tractor with the jug of daisies is just pretty, and looks like a picture from an old country magazine. Thank you for mentioning us here. I was so excited to see your post and then what a surprise!

  10. Wilson licks chairs?? Could be worse. My Kimberly eats cellophane - a habit I am trying to break her of. Does Annie get upset when she sees Dave? How much longer on the big house?

  11. Oh "Nos"! Annie gets right into Wilson's box! How can he bear it? I bet he is so fun to get to know better and better. Sweet.

    Our Tommy loves tissue, too. He likes me to hide his light weight plastic balls under a pile of it. He runs and jumps into it sending them everywhere all at once. He feels like he has really accomplished a great feat!

    Love the daisies on the tractor. Great shot! Have a great summer, Deb and all.


  12. It took Lizzie over a year for me to pick her up without the wiggles and longer for full-fledged lap. It'll come. Meanwhile, you've got a sweet one there. Personally, I think they are all neurotic. I thought Gypsy was. Lizzie is more so. Maybe it comes with the species. It just varies in style.

    Love seeing your world and your wren. Great photos. I keep trying to get mine but she's too fast. I will persist. She lives (or her babies or eggs live) in the house hanging outside Lizzie's window. Good to see Dave and your new bunny.

    And adore the daisy photo!

  13. Oh we live to hear about your summer days as winter arrives here Deb. Sounds like Wilson keeps you smiling.


  14. I love him. Of course, I love her too.
    We use to have some rabbits hanging around. I guess with all the cats in our yard and around the barn, they have moved on.

    I would love to have some of those rocks.

  15. Sounds like summer is off to a fine start. That large rock looks shaped. Are the rocks just random or were they part of an older structure?

  16. Looks and sounds like your days of summer are also fun and busy . Lovely photos . Glad to hear Wilson is fitting in well and both get a long . Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

  17. LOts of life and activity there in the early summer. I'm glad Mrs Wren has her babies well seen to - and such a safe, warm home, too.

  18. I'd take your big rocks, if I was closer! I'd build a cat climb outta them!

  19. We love seeing the great days of summer. Flowers are blooming, birds are singing and all the wonderful animals around you are having so much fun. Love the photo of the tail wrapped around the paw. Saying these are my paws. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful day.
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