Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Busy summer days.

The summer is starting off very busy, and not just for us,
but for our resident critters.

They are all looking happy and healthy.
And we have babies. :)))

Wee baby House Wrens

And a newcomer, that has decided to make this his home, is our bunny, Nutmeg. He's very patriotic.
"Welcome little one. Please don't eat me out of house and home."

                                                       Annie and Wilson are doing fine.
                                              He's learning and she is somewhat patient. :-b
                                                                         We adore him.

Our Bug Bed and Breakfast has a family of ants, so far. lol

And the retired guy took a break from the house on the weekend to move the dirt to the back of the property and build a berm.
We will someday landscape it with trees and perennials
but not this year.
I couldn't look at the pile of dirt behind the house another minute.

For now it will just protect us from invading tanks, if any show up.

The fabulous fifty, free-range lovely ladies across the road are still providing us with wonderful farm eggs every week.
These were bought the same day they were laid.
Now that's fresh. :))
One went into this delicious rhubarb cake last week. I found the rhubarb along our fence. :) The plant may be as old as I am. imagine!

The recipe is from The Canadian Mennonite Cook Book. 

Next time I will try peaches. 

I hope you are having a fun and busy summer, too.
I must get around to say "hi"

Be kind, 


  1. Oh Deb, how funny! I thought you would get a kick out of that definition of berm! Everything looks so wonderful with all the animals and babies and such. And it warms my heart to no end to see Annie and Wilson curled up together! Enjoy this wonderful summer!

  2. I'll promise we won't invade except I don't trust our president for a minute. May I emigrate? I can clean litter boxes and plant things for you. Honestly, every day it is worse and worse here.

    Your world, however, is looking wonderful with sweet bed-sharing cats, patriotic bunnies and sweet baby birds. I'm hoping Wrennie has something in her birdhouse she keeps entering. There's certainly lots of nesting material and something white but I've not yet see other signs of life apart from her entrances, which aren't as frequent as I wish. I can't get it on camera. Yet. Loving your world!

  3. Oh, that photo of Annie and Wilson gives my heart a lift today. I am glad that they are finding their way into a nice relationship. They both look so cute in the photo.

    Nutmeg! Wonderful. We have one tiny bunny here at our country home this summer, too. : )

    Your summer sounds wonderful. I am glad for all...

    Happy Smiles,

  4. Nutmeg is a good name for a rabbit!

  5. I love seeing all your 'critters'!! Annie and Wilson are so sweet together. A busy summer and it's not quite July! We are having so much rain and yet it's hot enough to melt!!

  6. Aounda like things are going along well i these early days of Summer.
    Hope they continue to do so!!
    Nancy and the kitties

  7. Awww, Annie and Wilson are so cute!

  8. Glad all your critters (and their babies) are enjoying the summer! Annie looks like Wilson is 'trying' her patience.

  9. I've never seen such unbelievably cute little critters. Of course, they find your place. Word must have spread quickly to Nutmeg. That's the perfect name! How sweet to see Annie and Wilson snuggled together. Don't know why the name Wilson makes me smile, and The Wilson Box does too. Well I've never seen a Bug Bed and Breakfast, but it sounds useful. :)

  10. The nut teh squirrel is holding is as big as a watermelon would be to us. Now, that's dinner! It's pleasing to see Wilson and Annie snoozing together. She is indeed a good mother-cat.

  11. Is that Simon? He is so adorable, as are the wren babies, Nutmeg, and those sweet kitties. Your life in the garden is burgeoning daily by looks of it Deb.
    We're on our way to Maine and hope to have a little time in your lovely Canadian Maritimes!

    Mary x

  12. That rhubarb cake looks delicious!

  13. Firstly Deb, thankyou for the link to Henny Penny,s
    Blog..Brilliant, love it, like yourself, she has so
    much going on, like yours, it's what l'd call a
    'complete' Blog.....! :).

    Lovely seeing Simon..Playing with his nuts..Am l
    allowed to say that..HeHe! Bless him! Love him to
    bits..! :).

    And..Annie and Wilson..Lovely! Nice to see them
    getting on..BIG (((HUGS))) and XX's to both of
    them...Lovely! :).

    Baby wrens, and a bunny called Nutmeg..What more
    could you want...Lovely! Lovely! Lovely!
    Well..l must get on, nearly seven~thirty over here,
    and l've only had one lemon tea, suns out in it's
    full glory..and it's gonna be hot...Again!

  14. Cute to see all your beautiful pictures! Annie and Wilson are together enjoying their time! Nice to see the fresh and healthy eggs.Enjoy the cake:)

  15. You seem to be in a happy place. Happy for you. Gail

  16. Everything looks fun and wonderful. All the little animals look so adorable in all of the photos. This really looks like a stress-free place. Those eggs I bet taste delicious. Thanks for the share. Have a great day.
    World of Animals

  17. So happy to see the two fur kids cuddled up together. We are trying the Feliway Friends for our two - plugged it in today as they get their nails done on Saturday - a test run to see if it makes a difference to their stress with each other for when they have their check up in August. Tank invasion (col) well it could be worse with a Zombie attack ... Nutmeg is a lovely addition to the tribe. ... Mary-Lou =^..^=

  18. glad to see Annie accepting Wilson; what a smoocher
    fresh eggs are the best! i couldn't be without my chooks
    tanks, lol, what is a berm?
    have a great weekend
    thanx for sharing

  19. Your photos are marvelous, just delightful! I’m so happy to see Annie and Wilson have taken to each other. Their developing friendship will be a treat for them both.

  20. Love your blog and what beautiful pics and sweet, sweet little critters. I have had a pet sitting service for many, many years and love it. Cats, dogs, turtles, guinea pigs, fish and horses. Anything .but snakes. lol Of couree, I share my home with cats and dogs and my little plot of land with more cats, birds, bunnies, Hawks and Horned Toads. Enjoy reading your blog.

  21. I do believe that Wilson and Annie are touching??!! So nice to see! Enjoy your fresh-from-the-farm eggs! When we had chickens, the yolks were almost orange and not the pale yellow you get from store bought eggs. I miss those!

  22. Love the baby birds, and of course ANnie and Wilson. Wonderful to see them cuddling!! Isn't he an amazing cat? I am so grateful that he was saved from being a feed-mill stray.

    And your baking pictures always make me drool!